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Door Weather Stripping

Door weather stripping reduces cold and warm air drafts from escaping that can attract scorpions to your doors — however, other strategies are also needed to keep the scorpions out!
Exterior doors come in many shapes, sizes, forms and conditions. Whether your doors are single or double, swinging or sliding, made of wood, glass, metal or a combination of each, we have strategies that will work for your property. However, some door issues become quite comprehensive and the solutions can vary.
If you’re in need of professional scorpion prevention services, the scorpion sealing technicians at Seal Out Scorpions can help keep your home safe. Contact us today to learn about our comprehensive Phoenix scorpion sealing process.

Weather stripping on doors can prevent scorpion invasion

Tight Weather Stripping Does Not Keep Scorpions Out!

Most folks believe having well weatherized doors will prevent scorpions and other creatures from entering through the door. This is not the case. Scorpions and insects can get through the tightest of weather stripping.

Additionally, doors are often opened and closed. A scorpion or other insect may be hiding around the weather stripping, sometimes half way up the door jamb or even at the top. Once the door is open, the scorpion or other creature can move to the inside of the weather stripping undetected. It is now inside the home and may later be found a number of feet from the door or in another room.

collage of scorpion exterior door sealing in Arizona with weather stripping
Even if doors aren’t used often or ever, frame wood homes and framed in doors are always expanding and contracting based on weather patterns and the micro-climates around your home. When in a contracted state there is more room for a creature to slip through.
While weatherizing the doors is an important step, there is much more to keeping scorpions out.
The first step is to seal the Interior so once the door strategies are employed you are not flushing them to less desirable areas. The door weather stripping is adjusted and additional strategies should start to repel or at least not attract scorpions to the doors. The Exterior also needs to be sealed to significantly reduce harborage areas around the doors and garage so insecticides and repellents can work better in getting the scorpions away from the doors and house in general.


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    Comprehensive door weather stripping pest control in Arizona

    Comprehensive Door Weather Stripping

    However, damaged door weather stripping can be a main point of entry for many pests, including scorpions. In Arizona, exterior weather stripping is susceptible to heat and sun damage and exposure to the elements, such as monsoon flooding, year round. Making sure your doors are sealed properly can mean the difference between a safe home and a scorpion infestation. At Seal Out Scorpions, we employ comprehensive scorpion home sealing strategies to make sure every entry point of your home is sealed thoroughly and properly.

    AZ Scottsdale scorpion control services

    Scottsdale Scorpion Control

    Seal Out Scorpions knows how difficult it is to keep your home free of pests, especially scorpions. For scorpion control in Scottsdale and top-rated scorpion prevention services in surrounding Phoenix Valley cities, enlist the help of the experienced and top-rated scorpion control technicians at Seal Out Scorpions in Tempe, Arizona. No one should be living in fear in their home. Scorpions belong outside, and there is no place for them in your home. Get comprehensive and thorough scorpion removal and scorpion control services with Seal Out Scorpions.

    Exterior home scorpion sealing in Arizona

    Arizona Home Exterior Scorpion Sealing

    At Seal Out Scorpions in Tempe, Arizona, our licensed and experienced Arizona scorpion control technicians specialize in getting and keeping scorpions out of your home. Sealing the exterior of your Arizona home reduces common points of entry for scorpions and other pests. After implementing comprehensive scorpion control techniques to remove scorpions from the inside of your home or property, our AZ scorpion control experts devise and execute a complete exterior scorpion home sealing plan for maximum scorpion prevention.

    Get and KEEP scorpions out of your home with the comprehensive scorpion control and prevention strategies at Seal Out Scorpions. Our Scottsdale scorpion home sealing experts are top-rated for their customer care and customized home sealing solutions. Each of our Paradise Valley scorpion control technicians are trained, certified, and experienced, and we implement only the best quality products. Call now to speak to our experienced Gilbert scorpion control professionals. A friendly member of our staff will provide you with a free estimate for scorpion control services.