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by L. Benson on Seal Out Scorpions
Simply the best!

Georgia and Mike are the best! The customer service is exceptional. The amount of knowledge they have on scorpions is amazing, and they are more than willing to take the time to share their knowledge. I had my house sealed last year, and have not had any scorpions inside. They have also recommended organic pesticides that help give me peace of mind. Thank you!!

by Michelle Robinson on Seal Out Scorpions

The treatment has been fabulous!!! Not one single creature in my house in almost a month! We had one dead, crispy critter in the garage that was probably stuck to a paint bucket. My handyman disposed of it. 🙂 I think the timing was great. The house was sealed on Tuesday, we left for Colorado on Friday and didn't get home until Wednesday. So I had almost a week of being completely safe, not panicking while walking on the floors there...and when we got home, I was a little cautious for a day or so, but felt tons better. No longer tense every minute of the day wondering where the next one would be. I even mopped my kitchen AND moved the trash containers by myself! It really is amazing! No slippers either! My kids can run around and play again too! 🙂

by Mike and Debbie Hatton on Seal Out Scorpions

Hi Georgia,
I just wanted to express to you that Mike and I are very happy we had our home sealed today.

Mike and his crew were working very hard to get our house sealed today. Mike is very knowledgeable about Scorpions and was so helpful in educating us today.

They were all professional and it's obvious that the company is big on customer service.

Thank you for all of your information as well prior to making the appointment. Very glad we decided to have this done. Appreciate the knowledge and expertise of Seal Out Scorpions. Will give you the highest of recommendations.

by Tony R. on Seal Out Scorpions

I just wanted to send an extra THANK YOU for sealing the interior and exterior of my home. We've haven't seen any scorpions inside since. I've been doing my own spraying with the concoction you recommended and it's perfect! I love walking outside and seeing dead bugs laying on their backs...LOL. This was definitely money very well spent. If you need this for a testimonial, please feel free to use it.

Once again, THANK YOU and the crew for excellent service, instruction, and support.

by Sarah L, Ahwatukee on Seal Out Scorpions

I am very happy and best of all No scorpions!!!

by Julie C., Chandler on Seal Out Scorpions

Your guys are very professional.

by Angela B., Cave Creek on Seal Out Scorpions

My husband told me I am very high maintenance and too hard to work for, yet your guys were so extremely accommodation and did a fantastic job and made everything go so well.

by Denise G, Scottsdale on Seal Out Scorpions

Your Team was Phenomenal. I know I’m being over confident but I didn’t black light the night they were there and I actually slept without worrying about scorpions. You guys are so great and spend so much time sealing and explaining all the other things that need to be done. We are so appreciative for everything you are doing for us. The lady I work with just got stung and I’ll be telling everyone about your service.

by Rich B., Gilbert on Seal Out Scorpions

I wanted to thank you for the great work your company did today. We were very pleased and your crew was very professional.

by Renee O., Phoenix on Seal Out Scorpions

I’ll tell everyone about you, it’s been wonderful.

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