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Scorpion Sealing Services

Seal Out Scorpions partners with Clients to Get and Keep Scorpions out of their homes. If your goal is NO Scorpions in the home, there’s not a company in the Valley that will work more diligently to ensure your success.

Don’t Make the Mistake of Treating Scorpions like Bugs. Scorpion control strategies are often the opposite of how you’d expect to treat general pests. When you spray or seal a home partially, you’ll just re-route them to another area of the home or property – often this can be an even less desirable area, such as from the floor to the ceiling.

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A basic understanding of scorpion control is important for the resident and the control results. For some of our Clients, they want very detailed and scientific information, which we are always happy to accommodate. We serve as a resource of information to anyone interested in scorpion control, whether we service their property or not. Educating on scorpion control is our passion.


We are always available for support, whether our Clients use pest control spray companies or not. Even when our Clients are utilizing other hired services, once we service a property we encourage our Clients to contact us if any scorpion activity is found inside the home. Our job is to understand the whole picture and provide support and guidance to achieve results. We are very empathetic to anyone living with scorpions.


Service, Education and Support are three major ways in which we partner with our Clients to get and keep scorpions out. While a resident has all the control, we know what is required for immediate and lasting results. We partner with Owners, Tenants, Pest Control Technicians, Property Management Companies or anyone else with a vested interest in keeping a home scorpion-free.

Protect your Arizona Home with Seal Out Scorpions
Don’t start where you think the problem is — start where you least want to find a scorpion. The home should be sealed from the inside-out. When sealing the inside, seals should be applied ceiling to floor and everything in between. Then begin additional Scorpion Control strategies.

Safety & Home Sealing

For residents and pets, it’s a very safe, non-poisonous process. We do not apply insecticides. We are a consulting and home service contracting firm — not an exterminating company. However, we have vast Scorpion expertise that far surpasses the majority of professional pest control technicians. For the home, we will do nothing to negatively affect the health of the home or any of it’s systems. There are certain ventilation components that are required to expel fumes and gases, as well as weep-holes that allow moisture to escape. The HOME MUST BREATHE and we do not block these components, nor do we negatively affect components such as HVAC.

Discount Services

Due to numerous requests, we do offer a Desert Home Sealing Service so we can provide a competitive service that is offered by pest control companies and other sealing companies. While others consider this type of affordable service for scorpion control, we suggest it be considered for other general pests that are easier to get under control. Because this service is not a comprehensive service, we do not recommend it for scorpion concerns. We do many reseals that were originally provided by a pest control or standard sealing company. While our Desert Sealing Service is of the same high-quality as our Scorpion Sealing Service, it is not as comprehensive and may not work in accomplishing your goals.