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Scorpion Services

Scorpion sealing is an effective scorpion deterrent that reduces scorpion entry points without affecting the health or aesthetics of the home. The service provides an added bonus of weatherization for less dust and lower utility bills.

To  protect your home from scorpions, it is necessary to comprehensively seal the house. Interior seals provide  immediate and primary protection. The focus is to eliminate all possible points of entry and identify any vulnerable areas for secondary strategies. Exterior seals sole purpose is to reduce points of entry so that landscape, repellent and insecticide strategies can be more effective while allowing the home to still ventilate and breathe.

Our full service provides the most comprehensive layers of protection against scorpions from the inside out.

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  • 1. Interior Home Weatherization
  • Blocks cool and warm air drafts that attract scorpions and pests, allows for major entry points while also weatherizing the home to reduce dusts and energy bills. Limited to—HVAC ducts and returns, fresh air fans, plumbing for sinks and toilets, window assessment.
  • 2. Interior Supplemental Sealing
  • Blocks remaining wall openings that scorpions can potentially route too —openings not necessarily needed for weatherization purposes, but allow for scorpion and other creature entry points. includes, but not limited to—ceiling components such as lights and fans, all wall components such as outlets, switches, etc., wood casings, trim and base, etc., cabinetry, stairs and stairwells, utility components and more… provided in addition to home basic weatherization.
  • 3. Door Weather Strip Reinforcement
  • Blocks cool and warm air drafts that attract scorpions and helps deter (not prevent) scorpions and pests from entering home while helping to weatherize home. includes— sealing, readjustments, repairs, replacements, fabrication of weather stripping, sweeps, thresholds, corner guards as applicable for standard wood single, double and glass doors.
  • 4. Garage Comprehensive Sealing
  • Reduces points of entry and harborage areas for scorpions. includes sealing services similar to interior sealing services.
  • 5. Exterior Comprehensive Sealing
  • Reduces points of entry, hiding/harborage areas for scorpions, and helps repellents and insecticides work better. A comprehensive seal, though please note that no seals will be performed on weep holes and needed ventilation systems in order to maintain the health of the structure. Includes, but not limited to—base, wall fixtures, utility components and boxes, trim, assessable eves, etc.
  • 6. Repellent Samples
  • Helps repel Arizona scorpions and other creatures from vulnerable doors, open windows and house. includes—Scorpion Shield and Scorpion Defense product and recommendations.
  • 7. Home Interior/Exterior Inspection
  • Ensures a comprehensive understanding of the uniqueness of the home; what is sealed, what is vulnerable and what other strategies may be appropriate.
  • 8. Property Post Analysis
  • After the sealing process, ensures a good understanding of exterior property and landscape issues, as well as neighboring and subdivision factors and vulnerabilities.
  • 9. Resident/Owner Walk-Through
  • Provides owner and/or resident peace-of-mind and mindfulness of the seals; as well as an understanding of how to protect the home with additional strategies and if/when seals need repairing.
  • 10. Maintenance Service
  • Keeps seals intact from remodel, other home repair services, damage, natural wear-and-tear of weather stripping and exterior seals fresh from damage of natural expansion/contraction of home and extreme weather conditions.
  • 11. Supportive Service and Guidance
  • Provides supportive assessments, research, strategy development, recommendations, referral and guidance as desired and needed.

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