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EXTERIOR Sealing Phase

Including Garage & Door Weather Stripping Readjustment

The Exterior Sealing of the home is done during more mild and cooler temperatures for a better and longer lasting seal.

While the Exterior Sealing does not bring immediate controls, it is an Essential part of the process. It will reduce points of entry and provide a supplemental barrier to interior seals. It also will help repellents and insecticides work better in keeping scorpions out of the garage and away from the doors and windows.

In addition to the Exterior Sealing, we will need to seal the garage if not already done, as well as re-adjust door weather stripping since the framing was most likely swollen when we did the Interior phase.

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REASON #1: Seasonal Effects of the Home

The heat and humidity of Summer cause the wood and stucco of your home to swell. When the home is expanded this way, gaps and cracks become smaller, making it difficult to get enough product into the gaps to ensure a good, long seal.

During the Winter when heat and humidity are at their lowest, the home fully contracts and gaps widen; allowing us to be much more generous with product.

Summer weather effects on home scorpion sightingsWinter effects on scorpion populations
scorpion sealant melting graphic

REASON #2: Sealant Product Technical Bulletin

We utilize the highest grades of polymer foam and caulking sealants. These sealant products do not bond & cure properly when temperature exceed 100 degrees or more, along with direct sunlight. These products are best applied during the milder season; doing so allows for a better and longer seal that requires less maintanence.

Have you spotted a scorpion in or around your home, or are you looking to protect your home and family from the threat of dangerous scorpions stings? The experienced Scottsdale scorpion technicians at Seal Out Scorpions can help. Call our office today at 480-820-7325 to learn more about our exterior scorpion home sealing process, our company, and our Arizona scorpion control services, or request a quote on our contact page.

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