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Bark Scorpion Population Likely to Increase in 2016

The bark scorpion may be common, but the havoc it can wreak is not. It is the most venomous scorpion on the continent, and its sting can cause severe pain, numbness, tingling, vomiting, and even lack of movement. In some severe reactions, its sting can cause pain that feels like electrical jolts, loss of breath, and frothing at the mouth.

The sting of the bark scorpion rarely results in death, though those with weakened immune systems such as children and the elderly are at increased risk. Though there are thousands of stings each year in Arizona, there have only been two recorded fatalities since 1968.

That could change in the coming year since the population of bark scorpions has reached all-time highs in Arizona.

Shifting Weather Patterns

Arizona does not typically get very cold weathers, except in places where the elevation changes, such as in its mountains or valleys. However, the weather stays cold enough to cause bark scorpions to “winter down” and hide out under brush piles, wood, rocks and even worse in our block fences and walls of our homes.

SCOTTSDALE BARK SCORPION POPULATION LIKELY TO INCREASE IN 2016For the last several years, Arizona has experienced warmer winters and more humid summers. This year with the El Nino weather pattern, even more moisture is expected. The warmer temperatures and precipitation have not only encouraged the bark scorpions to be on the move and show up in homes and garages, but also to reproduce more.

Both 2014 and 2015 saw an increase in the average nighttime temperatures. Higher temperatures were seen all last year, and they continue through this year. There have been no hard freezes, and that has made for more inviting conditions for bark scorpions. The shifting weather patterns have caused an explosion in the population of bark scorpions across Arizona.

Increased Humidity Levels

Not only has the weather been much warmer over the last couple of years, but it has also been wetter and more humid, creating the ideal conditions for bark scorpions to thrive.

The Phoenix Valley Area experienced a lot of flooding rains in September 2014, which created nice, wet conditions for bark scorpions to flourish.

All of 2015 experienced extended humidity, with some months seeing more than others. May broke precipitation records with 1.06 inches of rain, and it set off a humid summer. The summer monsoon season created more wet conditions, and August had higher-than-normal humidity levels.

The increased rainfall and humidity are expected to continue, and they create an attractive environment for bark scorpions that encourages them to reproduce.

Healthy Vegetation

All those warmer temperatures and increased rainfall isn’t just good for scorpions — it also encourages the growth of lush, healthy vegetation.

That creates a cycle for scorpion production. The more vegetation there is, the more food and habitat there is for scorpions, and the more scorpions there are.

When there is plenty of food and water available, not only do scorpions have longer life spans, but they also have longer reproductive cycles, which allows them to create even more offspring. The same conditions also protect the offspring, allowing them to grow stronger and healthier and ensuring their chances of survival. What you get is a hardy scorpion population that is living longer and reproducing more.

The unusually warm and humid weather may be great for your lawn and garden beds, but it is terrible for your pest problem.

Reduced Chemical Usage

The green movement has made a lot of positive changes in the way people manage their households and the personal choices they make. One of them has been the reduced use of toxic chemicals to clean their homes or treat their lawns, which has reduced the amount of harmful products in the water and soil.

However, those same organic fertilizers and pest control products that are better for the environment are also better for the scorpions that plague your home. Bark scorpions are able to withstand a lot of these organic and natural products, so their numbers are growing.

Some of the reduction in chemicals that are toxic to scorpions has not been a choice. The United States has banned the use of some particularly toxic chemicals such as the organophosphates like dursban and diazinon. (That ban passed in 2006.) There have also been a number of restrictions in the type of pest control measures that are allowed to be used, as well as the method of pest control.

Again, this has made positive changes for people and the ecosystem as a whole, but it has allowed the bark scorpion population to multiply and hit new levels.

Scorpion Control Measures

Getting rid of scorpions is not so easy — especially when they seem to be crawling out of every crevice the way they are right now.

Neighborhoods that had a scorpion problem before have been seeing significant increases, and neighborhoods that never noticed scorpions before have been seeing them in droves.

You can’t just spray your home with pesticides to get rid of scorpions. The best thing you can do is invest in Scottsdale scorpion sealing inside and outside your home to eliminate every crack and crevice that allows these nasty pests an entryway to your home.

1st Step In Scorpion Control | Seal Out Scorpions

There are other scorpion control measures you can take yourself to reduce their population or to make them less of a nuisance around your property. Cleaning out your garage is a good step, as all the clutter of boxes, firewood, piles of newspaper and stacks of dirty tools just provide nice, cozy hiding places for scorpions. While you’re at it, go ahead and clean the clutter around your house, as well.

Make sure that your landscape is well-maintained. Those piles of leaves, rotten branches, and overgrown weeds all give scorpions a place to bed down and nest.

Add weather stripping to your front door, and get monthly pest control. These measures won’t get rid of your scorpions, but they will keep their population at a minimum once you have sealed off your home and cleared out your clutter.

Seal Out Scorpions provides professional scorpion sealing that can protect your home against bark scorpions and other pests. We offer a comprehensive interior and exterior sealing with supportive services. You will get maximum scorpion control by sealing your interior and exterior, minimizing the chances that you get a rude awakening with a scorpion in your bed or slippers. Call us today to learn more about our scorpion sealing and other scorpion control measures.

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