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How To Seal Out Scorpions
While Still Venting Your Home

A home must have adequate, unobstructed ventilation to allow for venting of harmful gases, damaging heat and moisture. If your home does not have proper ventilation, damage to the structure and components will occur.

How To Seal Out Scorpions While Still Venting Your Home In Scottsdale, Arizona

 A Home Must Breathe

When sealing your Scottsdale home to keep out scorpions, it is important to remember that your home must breathe. Sealing all the ventilation is harmful to the home and may cause manufacturers to not honor warranties or unnecessary expenses later on. With home sealing, the most important thing to consider is first and foremost health and safety.

Homes are ventilated in a variety of ways.

  • Attic Vents and Openings – dissipate heat and moisture
  • Soffit Vents – dissipate heat and moisture
  • Range Vents – dissipate heat, smoke, moisture and gases
  • Hot Gas Vents – ventilate the hot gases from gas hot water heaters
  • Dryer Vents – dissipate the hot air and moisture from clothes dryers
  • Fan Vents – remove nuisance odors and moisture from bathrooms (sealing fan vents are the exception-see below)
  • Plumbing Vents – dissipate fumes, gases and allow the air needed for proper function of drainage systems
  • Weep Holes – allow the drainage and drying of condensate along with natural heating and cooling in the walls of your home.

It may seem like a good idea to cover vents with a mesh screen, but this is not recommended. By doing so, airflow will be obstructed and the structure will suffer. Over time the screens will plug from moisture, dust and other particles further reducing airflow.

Most ventilation systems in your home are self-contained and do not post a threat from errant scorpions. For these systems, the best course of action is to seal openings in the interior walls, through which the ventilation systems are installed to protect the home from any vulnerability in the various ventilation systems.

Fan vents in bathrooms and laundry rooms are an exception to the screen rule and do require a special treatment including sealing and screening the unit between the fan and louver cover. It is important to clean or replace the mesh every 12-18 months.

While all homes will have vulnerabilities, ventilation systems don’t typically pose threats from scorpions (e.g. plumbing vent leads to sewer, hot gas vent leads to gas hot water heater, dry vent leads to inside of dryer). When understanding the science of scorpions and structures, it is clear why these ventilation components should not be obstructed. The home must breathe to remain a healthy living environment.

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