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    Scorpion Control, Healthcare for the Home and Property

    Bark Scorpion control can be very complex and requires more than just applying general insecticides. These scorpions are an arboreal species, do not burrow underground like other species, and live above ground with the ability to be very avid climbers. This means it’s very easy to reroute them to higher areas around the home, such as eaves or other less desirable areas that can make control efforts more difficult.

    For many properties, bark scorpion control requires having a good understanding of many factors including how scorpions travel by pheromone trails. To better understand effective scorpion control, it’s useful to consider and apply the same rules as Healthcare to a human body.

    The House and the Yard as the Body

    It’s important to build the home and property’s immune system from scorpions and other pests. This should be done with methodical strategies for both the house and yard.

    Keeping scorpions out of the home requires good weatherization and keeping scorpions away from the home and living space of the property.
    Best to keep healthy, good condition and scorpion free.
    Prevention is easier than cure.
    Curing or managing at a low stage is better than letting it progress and then trying to cure or manage when it progresses or waiting for the heat of the summer.
    Awareness of susceptibility for scorpions and how the neighborhood threat factors in is important.

    The Scorpions are equivalent to a Disease to a Property

    A cricket issue is like an infection to a property and much easier to cure. Scorpions, on the other hand, are not insects and can be difficult to cure or control if not done systematically and without optimal strategies.

    Home Sealing Team is equivalent to a Surgical Team for the Home

    Sealing a home is about finding and sealing air leaks. It should be done professionally, by a team that has a strong understanding of the “anatomy” of a home, to avoid common mistakes that can result in an ineffective scorpion seal and cause problems for the home and its structure. A professional scorpion sealing should result in the basics of a well weatherized home and conducted by a certified team.

    Pest Control Spraying with Insecticides equivalent to Medications

    Insecticides and pharmaceutical medications are very closely related, some have the same or similar active ingredients, formulations and modes of action. While one may think of insecticides as poisons and pharmaceuticals as medications, each are actually poisons and medications for similar purposes against different types of organisms.

    Repellents are the Equivalent to Vitamins or Supplements

    Just like with any disease, there are some vitamins and supplements that will provide benefit while others will just agitate a disease or make control more difficult. Cedar oils can provide benefit if truly understanding what they can and cannot do and if applied appropriately. Diatomaceous Earth, on the other hand, is often one of the most misused products and can cause more problems in curing or managing a scorpion disease as well as negatively affecting human and animal’s respiratory system. In the case of pool grade DE, it’s manufactured in a method making it some forms carcinogenic.

    Scorpion Hunts with UV or Black Lights are the Equivalent to a Diagnostic Test

    While searching for scorpions with UV or black lights are relatively easy, it is more meaningful to understand a scorpion population if the results for the evening are factored with moon phase and other environmental factors. Just as a blood test can give false or misleading findings if not done properly or timed correctly, scorpion searches can also result in false readings based on timing and environmental factors.

    Scorpion Control is Equivalent to Understanding Healthy Lifestyle Strategies

    Effective scorpion control is about a series of methodical and systematic strategies that factor in the science of scorpions, building structure science, chemistry of building products as well as insecticides, environmental factors, how a property is used and lived in and much more.
    Preventing bark scorpions or quickly applying effective scorpion control strategies require an understanding of the neighborhood threat, what attracts or flushes them inside the home and what efforts can work for or against cure or management. Managing a scorpion population does not always require as much effort as working to cure a scorpion problem at a home. Just as in healthcare, the initial stages for curing require more effort and the goal should eventually move to maintaining and then preventing future bouts.

    Seal Out Scorpions employs the only certified team in the Southwest in Building Science for the type of work we do, along with the advanced study of scorpion and pest management principles. Additionally, helping residents live without scorpions is a true passion and mission of the Seal Out Scorpions “healthcare” team. The Seal Out Scorpions team is dedicated to helping residents understand the principles of scorpion control whether using our advanced level of service or not.


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