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What is Scorpion Sealing?

Scorpion Sealing is a comprehensive weatherization of the home from the inside-out. The ultimate goal is to get scorpions out of your home, away from your home, back to your fence line or perimeter of the property and traveling in any direction other than your home structure.

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Interior Phase

Interior Components, Door Weather Stripping, Garage and Walk-Through

Interior Sealing Goal:
Eliminate all possible entry points upstairs and down stairs from ceiling to floor and everything in between, while identifying remaining vulnerability for secondary strategies.
Door Sealing Goal:
Reinforce door case, weather stripping and thresholds to reduce warm and cool air loss that attract scorpions and other creatures to the doors.
Garage Goal:
Seal interior components and eliminate in wall access to reduce places to hide.
Walk-Through Goal:
Identify and point out areas sealed & vulnerabilities.

  • Peace of mind for resident, ensuring they realize thorough seal
  • Mindfulness of resident, in case of remodel or service work that breaks a seal and the need for us to repair
  • Provide education, recommend strategies and begin support in keeping scorpions out

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Interior Phase can be performed Year-Round since there is humidity and temperature control and the component voids don’t swell. The seals are very high-end and invisible or create a more finished look to the home.


Exterior Phase

Exterior Components & Scorpion Sealing Goal

  • Significantly reduce points of entry so repellents and insecticides can perform better.
  • Reduce harborage areas around vulnerable doors and garages.
  • Reduce cool and warm air drafts that escape into or outside the walls. These air drafts attract scorpions and other creatures.
  • Reduce the openings in which scorpions enter from the inside and out.

Important Notes about Exterior Scorpion Sealing

Exterior sealing cannot be sealed to the extent of the interior as attics, garages, frame wood, stucco and walls must “breathe” and have various ventilation components for the health and safety of the home structure and residents.

Exterior Phase typically not performed in monsoon season when wood framing is swollen and the frame wood and/or stucco is swollen. If Interior Phase begins during this period, the Exterior Phase is held until winter when the frame wood and stucco is not swollen and better able to accept the seals for longevity.

Support, Maintenance Services and Education is part of the Scorpion Sealing Process!


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