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Scorpion Shield for Doors, Windows and Interior Uses helps to shield doors and vulnerable areas: Ready-to-Use Spray

Scorpion Shield for safety in your Scottsdale, Arizona, homeScorpion Shield helps to shield areas where scorpions can enter and which cannot otherwise be sealed to block openings. This product is a non-poisonous repellent and unlike chemical insecticides, it is not meant to kill but rather repel from the treated area. It is not meant to be sprayed on plants or vegetation but can be sprayed on human skin or dog fur.

Scorpion Shield is safe to use around children and dogs. The ingredients consist of 10% cedar oil and 90% hydrated silica. Based on manufacturing information, the cedar oil comes from Texas scrub junipers that are self sustaining. Hydrated silica is a compound of silicon, oxygen and hydrogen that is believed to have potential therapeutic effects for a wide variety of conditions and is used in many skin care products. Scorpion shield should not be used on vegetation as it can kill plants due to the effect it has on the photosynthesis process. It is also known to be toxic to exotic birds. Other uses of the same ingredients are for children’s skin as a mosquito repellent and is safer than common repellents that contain DEET; for dogs fur to kill ticks and fleas and safer than common products that contain chemical insecticides; for other non-beneficial creatures by affecting their neurotransmitters as well as destroying eggs and larvae.

PREPARATION: None – it’s Ready-to-Use. Spray BEFORE insecticides.

Doors – leading to exterior and garage

Doors leading to the exterior are vulnerable, even if door weather-stripping is tight. The weather-stripping is designed to help block the escape of cool and warm air drafts which attract creatures. The nature of doors and weather-stripping does not allow an impenetrable seal. To obtain optimal results in protecting doors, Scorpion Shield should be used regularly based on the neighborhood Tempe scorpion population and property’s amount of vegetation.

Door Technique

Standing on the outside of the door, with door closed, mist around the entire door frame’s casing. Ensure the top, sides and bottoms area treated with special attention to corners. To obtain a stronger repellent result, the door can be opened and include misting around the inside door weather stripping as well as the threshold.


Windows are typically not vulnerable until opened. Pay special attention to windows that have a moisture source, vegetation, cooler microclimate or attractant directly below. Also use caution when opening windows during vulnerable times based on season, early mornings, dusk or night and periods of watering or rain.

Window Technique

When opening windows, stand inside the home to spray the window tract, frame and screen. Scorpion Shield does not stain most screens, but it may on some. If concerned, perform a test prior to spraying entire screen. Scorpion Shield typically needs to be used only when opening the window and leaving opened for extended period of time and without watching if anything is trying to crawl in.

Interior Uses

Typically it is not needed to spray Scorpion Shield inside for quality scorpion control. However, some homes have vulnerabilities that cannot be protected by sealing. By using Scorpion Shield along with non-poisonous glue boards these vulnerabilities can be protected. Some of the more common uses are as follows:

Pocket Doors Technique– those that slide into the wall cavity.

With door closed, spray along the back side of the door, that which will slide farthest into the wall. Be sure to stand on both sides of the door while closed. Also, spray at top of the door and bottom of the door once it is fully slid into the wall cavity.

Appliances Technique

Spray under and around appliances.

Utility Closets and Sump Pump Room Technique

Showcasing Scorpion Repellents and Tools | Seal Out Scorpions
throughout the closet/room along with all four sides of the door, from the inside of the room.

Scorpion Shield should be used as an integral part of a whole scorpion control program. It does not provide an impenetrable barrier that a scorpion or other creature would not crawl over. However, it does make the area less desirable and will help discourage scorpions and other non beneficial creatures from the area. Repellents such as scorpion shield should!

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