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Scorpion Fundamentals

Scorpion Fundamentals

Understanding The Creature

Sealout Scorpions, Working together


Working Together

Solving the scorpion problem

The Scorpion Solution

Solving The Problem

Georgia Clubb, Read My Story

I was once Invaded by Scorpions

Hello! I’m Georgia Clubb, the founder of Seal Out Scorpions in Tempe, Arizona. After being chased from my first two homes because of scorpions, overcoming a scorpion phobia and curing my once infested forth home, William, Mike and I started working with others to keep scorpions out of their homes. Since 1999, we have been helping residents in Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert and all cities throughout the valley to keep scorpions out of their houses.

My fear of scorpions changed to obsession with keeping them out!

  • I once had a phobia of scorpions and have been stung 3 times, the first being in bed.
  • I moved out of my first 2 homes because of scorpions. Unknowingly I moved into my 4th just to discover it was infested.
  • I hired multiple pest control and sealing services – all of which failed.
  • My fear and desperation led me to study the true science of scorpions and how to keep them out.
  • Working with my husband and brother, we got our home under control and now help others do the same.
  • I still live in my once infested home, but am no longer fearful of scorpions getting inside or my family being stung.

Scorpion Threats By Zip Code

Seal Out Scorpions has meticulously mapped the scorpion sightings and reports
from around the valley to bring a clear view of where these pests are most abundant.

Most common places to find scorpions at home
Bark Scorpions Are a Disease Infographic