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5 Strategies for Effective Scorpion Control

No single activity will effectively control scorpions in and around your home. Consider the following 5 steps for  effective scorpion control in your home and around your property.

Seal Out Scorpions in Arizona

1. Initial Sealing and Maintenance Services

Sealing will make the most significant impact for control inside the home. Seal before major landscape clean up and pest control spraying, to avoid “flushing” the scorpions inside. It is the distressed and sickly scorpions you find in the home (the healthy scorpions will try to avoid you). The home must be sealed thoroughly while maintaining proper and unobstructed ventilation systems.

2. Property Maintenance – Lawn and Yard

A clean, well-maintained property is essential to any pest control program. Overgrowth, vegetation litter and excessive moisture promote breeding and protect pests. Regularly clean vegetation litter, especially leaves and debris that accumulate under bushes, behind sheds and other hidden places in the yard. Ensure water spigots and sprinkler systems are in good order and there is no excessive moisture or leaks. It is best to perform lawn maintenance before a spray service so the insecticide gets to where scorpions crawl and bed down.

3. Black Light Searches – Lawn and Yard

Conducting regular black light searches during the NEW MOON (dark phase) can provide great benefit in killing individual scorpions, reducing pheromone trails and prohibiting the reproduction cycle.

4. Repellents – Natural and Organic

Natural and organic does not always mean safe and non-hazardous. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one of the most commonly misused scorpion products. While DE may kill a few individual scorpions, we do not recommended it as it does not control entire scorpion populations and, more importantly, it poses a health hazard and can route scorpions to less desirable areas.

Cedar repellents can provide benefit in repelling scorpions and covering pheromones, however, it is important to use specific types. These products also require more time and diligence when being applied. It is essential to use these products during key periods of the season working from a preventative and preparatory basis rather than a curative one.

5. Insecticides – Poisons

Advanced formula insecticides should be used on the exterior of your home; rarely should you consider using poisons inside. If used inside, use for special treatments only and not on a regular basis. It is best to control scorpions from the outside, rather than contaminating your living space by trying to kill them with poisons inside.

When choosing insecticides, consider the product, the non-ground dwelling bark scorpion and the Arizona climate. Pyrethroid insecticides should be chosen over pyrethrins due to our climate. Variation of the product application should occur based on the season and the nature of the bark scorpion. Cycle and timing of service is dependent on the scorpion population you are combating and whether you use a hired service or if you do-it-yourself. It is best to spray at dusk or night and during the new (dark) moon phase. Rarely should you consider dusts. If so, they should be protected in voids; never lining doors, windows or around the perimeter of the home where they can become airborne and inhaled. This poses a serious health hazard and is not effective on reducing scorpion populations.

Employing all 5 of these strategies is a systematic method, along with monitoring and adjusting based on weather patterns and activities (e.g. building, remodeling)  scorpion control can be achieved.

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