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The Scorpion Problem

Learn how we can help solve scorpion problems in your home

If you have seen scorpions on your property, have been stung or are just concerned, you probably have a scorpion problem. Take an inventory and note if:

  • Scorpions are increasing in numbers around your property and continue to do so.
  • There is no nest or colony on your property, but there is a population in your neighborhood that is not likely to go away.



Scorpions Can Survive in Harsh Conditions

  • Scorpions are often safe from predators and unaffected by insecticides.
  • Where one travels,many more can and will most likely follow. They often aggregate or winter down in similar areas and in great numbers.
  • Scorpions live many years and can go great lengths of time without food or water.
  • Scorpions survive harsh conditions and are not as susceptible to insecticides as are general pests.
  • They are highly venomous, avid climbers that do not dwell on the ground, but in structures in and around our homes.
  • They are attracted to our properties by moisture and the desirable microclimates.
  • Eliminating the so called “food source” doesn’t prevent or “cure” a scorpion problem.
  • Once they take hold, a scorpion problem is very difficult to get and keep under control.

When Scorpions Enter your Home

  • When a scorpion gets in the home, it can be in for days, weeks or months before it is ever found.
  • When they become sickly from insecticides, or other factors, they can show up almost anywhere in your home. This makes you very vulnerable to being stung in all areas of your home, and quite often our beds.
  • Scorpions can often be mistaken for lint, a piece of string or a rubber band and can be found on the floor, wall, ceiling, furniture, in drawers, on clothing and in many more undesirable areas in the home.

Ineffective Pest Control

When using pesticides, it is important to know that poisons can often make your scorpion problem worse, resulting in more sightings in the home. Optimal products are not always used, and if they are, not in the most effective manner. The science of scorpions, science of insecticides, structural and landscape conditions, weather patterns and specific timing may not be factored in.

Pest control companies often give residents unrealistic expectations, bad information or substandard strategy plans. Remember, pest control and scorpion sealing services vary drastically, even if they “sound” the same or “seem” similar. The more a resident is educated, the better the short and long-term outcome.

Georgia Clubb Scorpion Pest Control Expert
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– Seal Out Scorpions

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