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Bark Scorpion Control with Insecticides

How to control scorpions in Mesa with insecticides is a common question. Effective control of bark scorpions with insecticides requires attention to detail and knowledge in choosing the optimal combination of products. It is recommended to use the most advanced and synergistic mixes. These are not often known. It’s common for less effective pesticides and insecticide “cocktail” mixes to receive more marketing and advertising. Supplementing with specific secondary products is also necessary. Treatments on the exterior of the home with a precision application are just as essential as the product mix. Interior treatments are often a wasted resource for bark scorpions. Additional strategies are also needed, such as home sealing, property maintenance, and understanding lifestyle strategies around the home.

Bark Scorpions are not insects. They are arachnids. However, they are significantly more challenging to control than other arachnids such as spiders, ticks, or mites.

Have you ever wondered why many believe insecticides don’t seem to work well for Bark Scorpions? The answer is simple when using the following comparisons:

Bark Scorpion

Insecticides are like medications to a residential property like pharmaceuticals are to the body. However, today’s pesticides are no different than over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements.

Insects such as crickets, roaches, earwigs and other general pests are like “infections” to a property. Most infections can be relatively easy to cure with a broad range of pesticide choices.

Bark Scorpions are like a severe “disease” to a property and home. Insecticides are typically the first and only strategy used in trying to cure a bark scorpion “disease” to the property. Additionally, the least expensive methods and products are often sought out. That wouldn’t work well in healthcare, and it usually doesn’t work well in curing or managing a bark scorpion problem.

Prescribing a treatment plan and applying insecticides should be done with a viewpoint and knowledge similar to a general doctor and pharmacist for the property. However, do-it-yourselfers and even many licensed applicators usually don’t fully understand the following basics:

Prescriptive and Effective Scorpion Treatments around Mesa Require the Following Base Knowledge

  • Building Science – of the home and all components and systems, similar to the body and organs.
  • Anatomy of the Property and Yard – also part of the body.
  • Environmental Factors – what puts the body at risk.
  • Chemistry of Products – building products, herbicides, insecticides – the medications.
  • The Science of Bark Scorpions – the disease to the property.
  • Property Lifestyle Strategies – how the property is used and maintained.
  • Health care is a very sophisticated industry with greater regulations and requirements for highly educated and skilled professionals. Patients also tend to participate or have more awareness of personal healthcare issues. Pest management is a form of healthcare for your property. However, pest management is not a sophisticated industry like the healthcare industry. The reality is scorpions are like a very tough disease to individual properties and neighborhoods.

    The solution is to build the property’s immune system with multiple effective strategies, and the use of Insecticides is just one of them. However, not all insecticides are created equal. While a pesticide may list scorpions on the label, it’s not specifying a specific scorpion species or for use in a particular environment or climate. It also does not significantly calculate weather patterns.

    If the goal is management or cure, it’s essential not to have a goal of just exterminating individual scorpions. The goal should be the use of advanced product combinations and strategies that will build the property’s immune system against the neighborhood threat with superior Scorpion sealing services.

    Bark Scorpions are arboreal (tree-dwelling) species of scorpions, unlike many other species that are ground-dwelling and burrow. Arboreal scorpions are avid climbers that often live above ground in vegetation. However, neighborhood structures such as homes, sheds, retaining walls or items in the yard provide better living conditions than trees and shrubs.

    When considering scorpions as a “disease” of a home or property, the problem and solution start to become apparent. It’s especially true when the scorpions have been a chronic problem of the property or have established paths at a higher stage. Just as a more advanced disease is difficult to cure and requires more work, so does a property with a high scorpion population.

    Scorpion sightings, either in the home or yard, are the symptoms of the scorpion “disease”. The level of the “disease” is often subjective as residents have varying tolerance levels. For some, there is zero-tolerance, especially if they are in the home. For others, the tolerance levels can be much higher or not feel the scorpions are an issue at all.

    Like any disease, prevention is better than having to manage or cure. However, most residents don’t take preventative measures and seek treatment and Bark Scorpion sealing once the scorpions have become a growing problem or become above their tolerance level.

    Scorpions continue to become more prevalent in and around homes. Many factors are attributed to this and include:

  • Weather Pattern Changes
  • Increased Building Structures
  • Increased Landscape with use of Agitating Herbicides
  • Environmentally Friendly Pesticides
  • Ineffective or Cheap Pest Management Strategies
  • Treatment Professionals not Fully Educated or Concerned
  • Bark Scorpions are considered a very tough disease to cure or manage because the source is not on the property. It’s from the flow of scorpions in the neighborhood and surrounding area. Where one scorpion goes, another follows from pheromone trails. Scorpion paths are an essential factor to consider in scorpion control. Many trails are significant on neighborhood cinder block walls. If not using care and focusing on where you believe the issue to be, you can inadvertently reroute these trails to less desirable areas. For example, far better they are on the cinder block walls that can serve as a line of defense, rather than “cure” the wall, to flush them to the house.

    Insecticides have become increasingly less effective on scorpions due to the Go Green Movement and the EPA banning harsher chemicals. Being nicer to the environment with less toxic pesticides is good. However, that means the insecticides are also less toxic to the pests we are trying to control. It’s especially true for bark scorpions that do not colonize, do not have nests, do not lay eggs, or have larvae like many insects. They also are not living on the ground where insecticides are mostly applied.

    Mesa Bark Scorpion control starts first with fully understanding the “anatomy” of a property and how to keep it healthy. The “anatomy” includes the full home and its components such as HVAC, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, and other systems. It also includes understanding the grounds along with landscape and vegetation features. A solid understanding of the science of bark scorpions is also necessary along with the specific climate and environment in which control needs to take place.

    Just as important is to understand the handful of insecticides available for scorpion control and realize they are all not equally effective or applied in the same manner. If it’s cheap and easy to apply, it’s likely not going to be effective unless you don’t have much of a scorpion issue or pressure.

    Managing or curing a bark scorpion “disease” of a property can seem very complicated and often ineffective when not fully understanding it from a big picture or holistic view. However, there are solutions when done in a systematic and methodical manner using various strategies. These strategies should include the use of specific insecticides based on the arboreal species of scorpion, the particular climate, the season, along with terrain and structure treated.

    Prevention is always better than having to manage or cure a disease or a bark scorpion population flowing on your property. If not prevented, then the disease or bark scorpion issue should not be allowed to be chronic or become to a higher stage. If it does, it will just become more challenging to accomplish the goal of a scorpion free home.

    Seal Out Scorpions provides consulting and prescriptive treatments for the bark scorpion disease of a property. Call us today for a consultation or review of your property and neighborhood.

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