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Frustrated with Failed Services?

Frustrated with failed pest control services in Gilbert, ArizonaFor many residents, home scorpion control seems to be a never-ending battle with wasted money on pest control and sealing services. This is often due to taking a weak approach and or simply not fully considering the many factors required for effective results.

It is not uncommon to make an Arizona scorpion problem worse than it has to be. This can happen with the use of certain insecticides and procedures. It can also happen with many of the various types of “sealing” services. While inadequate services will not bring more scorpions to the property, it can certainly flush more scorpions into the home or reroute them to less desirable areas. Often, inferior methods grant a perceived temporary fix, just to find out a month or a year later that the process doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

Scorpion control processes should not be the same as general pest control, as scorpions are not insects that can just be exterminated. Also, control should not start where one “thinks” the problem is, but where the resident least wants to find a scorpion. While its common to start with insecticide spraying, that’s one of the first approaches that can flush more activity into the home. It’s usually not the healthy scorpions we see inside and get stung by, it’s the sickly ones we have flushed or re-routed in.

httpv:// failures are common and typically happen for a combination of reasons. These failures can range from ineffective seal services, pest control spraying services, maintenance of landscape, not being consistent with effective strategies and not having a comprehensive and clear overall plan.

There is currently no standard in Arizona for the sealing of a home against scorpions. Terms such as Scorpion Sealing, Desert Proofing and Scorpion Exclusion include a very wide spectrum of services from minimal to maximum sealing. These services are often done by do-it-yourself handyman, contractors, pest control companies and a few higher-end specialty companies. Sealing homes for scorpions is a relatively new approach compared to the traditional pest control spraying. Many assume it’s just a matter of putting some caulking here and there, tightening the weather stripping of doors and the problem should be solved or significantly improved. This is rarely the case unless there is not a significant problem in the neighborhood or property to begin with. Home Sealing failures are often from:

  • A focus more on the exterior than the interior
  • Building material product selection
  • Method of product application
  • Timing of seals
  • Missing many hidden or unexpected points of entry
  • Not identifying vulnerabilities with a secondary plan
  • Not maintaining damaged seals from remodeling, home service work, natural wear-and-tear
  • Not utilizing supplemental strategies
  • Note: Damage to home or components are often seen when inappropriate seal methods are used.

Pest Control spraying with Insecticides fail or have perceived failure for many reasons. Insecticides of today are believed to be much more environmentally friendly, compared to older generations of products. If a product is more friendly to the environment, it reasons it will be more friendly to the pests. Additional contributions of failed services include:

  • Primary, Secondary and Synergistic Product Choices
  • Storing and Mixing Methods
  • Preparation and Application Methods
  • Timing of Applications
  • Inexperience
  • Expectations

For specific information on why your previous strategies have failed or to avoid the failures in the first place, contact us for a quote, home services financing, suggestions or just to be pointed in the right direction whether using our services or not.

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