Don't Know Where to Start?
Start where you least want to find a scorpion,
not where you “think” the problem is.
Frustrated with Failed Services?
Focus more on the neighborhood population flow
and less on “just” killing individuals.
Afraid to Live in Your Home?
Georgia was once too, but it doesn’t have to
be that way – there are effective solutions.
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Finance Home Sealing with PayPal!

Seal Out Scorpions offers cash, check and all major credit card payment options for our scorpion services. And now for those wishing to finance, this can be done through PayPal Credit — whether you are a current member or not.

This allows for immediate service when budget is an issue, and grants 6 months of interest-free financing!

PayPal Credit options with Seal Out Scorpions in Arizona
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Seal Out Scorpions Now Accepts PayPal Credit

Peace of Mind for your Home

Scorpion populations are more a neighborhood problem than an individual property problem. Seal Out Scorpions partners with you to Get and Keep Scorpions Out of your home and assist in getting them away from the house! Our goal is to help you feel comfortable in the home, and the first step is a comprehensive home sealing — from the Inside-Out, Ceiling-to-Floor, and everything in between. Additionally, we will provide ongoing support and strategies to further help you repel scorpions. This includes an analysis of your landscaping, where your home is positioned in the subdivision, and black-light searches and pest control strategies if you choose to use such.

And now with PayPal Credit, you can start an Effective Bark Scorpion Control Program — even if you’re on a tighter budget.

If Your Goal is NO Scorpions in the Home…

We Are Dedicated and Diligent About Ensuring Your Success!
Scorpion sealing evaluation of a new construction home in Mesa, AZ
Sealing Ceiling Fans in a Tempe, Arizona, custom home
Home sealing technicians at Seal Out Scorpions in Scottsdale
Our expert home sealers and scorpion consultants check out this property
We Help You Get & KEEP Scorpions Out!

Safe Home Sealing

For residents and pests, sealing is a very safe, non-poisonous exclusion process. We are not an exterminating company and do not spray poisons or insecticides. Additionally, we do nothing to negatively affect the functioning or health of the home. No ventilation systems designed to expel fumes and gases are obstructed. Additionally, we do not seal or block weep holes designed to allow moisture to weep from the home. The house is not sealed air tight as it must be allowed to “breathe”. The seals will also do nothing to negatively affect the look or aesthetics of the home and are essentially invisible. While Interior seals can last the life of the home, weather stripping and exterior seals should be maintained.

Control & Sealing Services

The services we provide are primarily designed for bark scorpions which include the initial Scorpion Sealing and Supportive Services along with Ongoing Home Scorpion Maintenance Services. Due to requests, we now offer a Desert Home Sealing Service and Door Only Service that is comparable to what other pest control and sealing companies offer. However, these services are not designed if your primary concern is scorpions. These partial seal services are best for general pest control such as crickets and roaches or for weatherization and to reduce dusts in the home. No matter the level of service needed, the quality of workmanship and the use of high-end products are always the same.