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Seal Out Scorpions warranties the craftsmanship and application of applied sealing products by our technicians. This warranty includes replacing caulking and foam materials, at no charge, in such cases of separation of seal due to improper bonding or curing; adjusting aesthetics of seal based on craftsmanship standards; broken seal due to minimal and minor home service work; broken seals due to minimal and minor remodeling. Warranty does not include damage from fire and flood; major or excessive remodeling, such as wall tear-outs, interior painting if all outlets/switch-plates are removed; installation of new or exposed base boards or trim; room and square footage additions not sealed or factored at time of service; exterior power-washing.


Seal Out Scorpions guarantees professional craftsmanship and sealing methods along with the use of high-grade products in accordance to manufacturer recommendations. Seal Out Scorpions also guarantees to provide professional service, education and partnership to help get and keep scorpions out and away from the home. If a Client continues to have scorpion issues and continues to do their part, Seal Out Scorpions will provide at no charge, continued support as needed along with guidance if scorpion controls are not being achieved. Seal Out Scorpions guarantees innovative solutions to keep scorpions out.

Seal Out Scorpions home scorpion sealing certification

Seals that Last
Seals that Separate

Interior home sealing can last the life of the home. Interior fresh-air fans in bathrooms and laundry rooms should be cleaned every 12-18 months. Door weather stripping is a wearable item and should be readjusted annually. Exterior seals are exposed to the elements and the frame wood or block structures that expand and contract. This will cause some minor separation in some outside seals that will be apparent AFTER the summer’s humid season. It is recommended that the home have a Seasonal Maintenance Service (SMS) during the cool season from November through February. This is an optional service that will maintain the seals and ensure optimal scorpion control for the scorpion season.

Seasonal Maintenance Service Re-Certification

It is recommended that the home have a Seasonal Maintenance Service (SMS) during the cool season from November to February. This is an optional service that will maintain the seals and ensure optimal controls for the next scorpion season. The Seasonal Maintenance Service includes a full inspection and touch-up of exterior seals, re-adjustment of door weather-stripping, repair of any interior seals if not previously done, and continued support and maintenance throughout the season. Contact our main office for more information on seasonal maintenance for our scorpion sealing programs.

Certification Transfer

Do you need to transfer your Seal Out Scorpions property warranty or certification? The Seal Out Scorpions Certification and Warranty can be transferred to a new resident or homeowner upon completion of a Walk-Through of the home and our certification transfer process. Certificate Transfer and Seasonal Maintenance Service (SMS) fees apply. For more information on how to transfer your Arizona scorpion home sealing Certification at Seal Out Scorpions, contact our professional scorpion prevention specialists.

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