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INTERIOR Sealing Phase

How and When We Service

Seal Out Scorpions provides the most comprehensive Interior sealing phase for our Scorpion Sealing and Supportive Service program.

The interior scorpion sealing of an Arizona home can be done anytime throughout the year for immediate controls and is often the first phase of the process for pre-built homes. The purpose of interior scorpion home sealing is to eliminate all points of entry from ceiling to floor and everything in between, along with identifying any vulnerable entry points and determining the secondary strategies to protect these areas.

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Basic components of the home interior that Seal Out Scorpions services



Homes are man-made caves for scorpions. One must ask: “If I block the area or repel from here, where will they reroute?” Scorpions follow paths, where one travels, another follows. If you first find them on the ground, sealing low could drive them up on walls and ceilings to less desirable areas. This also happens when apply insecticides, major landscape renovations and other activities around the home.

The goal of the Interior Sealing is really to eliminate all points of entry, with secondary strategies for the vulnerable areas such as doors and open windows. One of the byproducts of our service is weatherizing the home.

Parts of the home interior that can not be sealed for scorpion prevention


The home must “breathe” and be well ventilated. This is done on the outside of the walls and with specific ventilation components.

It is not possible to seal the entire Exterior without causing damage to the home or its components. Exterior sealing is just to reduce points of entry. A professional and well sealed Exterior will still have areas scorpions can access. Additionally, any scorpions already in the walls can be flushed in, if not first blocked from the inside. The inside sealing, from ceiling to floor and everything in between is providing the primary protection of the home.


A Weatherized Home and A Natural Scorpion Control Strategy
Seal Out Scorpions uses natural scorpion prevention techniques for your Arizona home
Whether your home has been previously sealed for scorpions or not, we must go through your home as if it has never been sealed. The service we provide at Seal Out Scorpions is not so much about sealing your home, but working with you to get and keep scorpions out now and in the future. Combined with servicing the Door Weather Stripping Phase, the Exterior and Garage Phase, the Walk-Through and Educational Phase, and Supportive Services and Maintenance, there is no other service in the Southwest that compares to our Level of professional and craftsmanship sealing and control strategies and support.

If you’re tired of living in fear of scorpion stings in your home, the professional scorpion sealing team at Seal Out Scorpions can help. Want to learn more about our extensive line of Tempe scorpion prevention services? For more information on how we can help you get and keep scorpions out of your home, or for a scorpion sealing quote for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us today at 480-820-7325 or fill out our contact form.

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