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Scorpion Sealing for New Construction

The best time to seal a home for scorpions is during the building process if the opportunity exists. Often builders and superintendents don’t fully understand a true scorpion sealing process and believe their sealing processes is more than needed. However, it is not and it becomes clear once we start the initial phase which often includes an on-sight consultation.

Sealing a home during the construction phase requires more work than a home already built. However, taking this opportunity provides added levels of protection and better longevity of seals, all without affecting the functioning or aesthetics of the home.

Sealing new constructions homes can have varied phases depending on if we start at the beginning, middle or end of the building process. A common schedule, starting at the beginning of the process, would be as follows:

Supportive Scorpion Sealing Services

Phase 1:

Phase one of new construction home scorpion sealing includes an overview with the Superintendent by phone or in person at the site. Following the overview, an Exterior Pre-Seal is completed after the builder has installed sheathing and prior to the lathe for stucco. This is a seal at the foundation of the new home and is in addition to what the builder does.

Phase 2

Interior Pre-Seal after the builder has installed all drywall and stairwell (if applicable). This is a seal at the interior foundation where baseboards will not be (behind cabinetry) and areas where wood, laminate or carpeting will be installed along with a stairwell. Additional sealing behind cabinetry, around duct work, ventilation, plumbing and electrical components if ready.

Phase 3:

Exterior Finishing Seal includes all components of our sealing process from accessible eves to foundation. Also includes components such as ceiling fans, light fixtures, conduit, spigots, break boxes, garage if not done in Phase 2, and utility boxes. Door weather stripping reinforcement and inspection, interior finishing seal and an educational walk-through and analysis.

New build home scorpion prevention in Arizona

Phase 4:

Supportive Services and Maintenance as needed. This includes maintaining seals if any are broken due to minor remodeling or from other technicians doing home service or builder warranty work. It also includes support, recommendation, referral and guidance if scorpion activity is an issue.

Phase 5:

Seasonal Maintenance Service which is optional and at minimal fee. This is done during the cool season and after the home has gone through the hot/humid season and has experienced full expansion and contraction. This is highly recommended for the first season since the new build construction will also have settling. This includes full inspection and touch-up of ALL exterior seals and door weather stripping, clean-out of fresh air fans in bathrooms and laundry room, any interior components of concern if not already taken care of along with on-going support.

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