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Georgia was once too, but it doesn’t have to
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The Seal Out Scorpions Family and Creators in Tempe, Arizona
We partner with you in helping to keep scorpions out of your home. Our service is about helping residents feel comfortable in the house without the constant threat of being stung.

If you are having concerns or fears about scorpions and have been frustrated with failed control methods, we understand because we’ve already been through it on a personal level. Additionally, we have successfully worked with thousands of clients over the years that are going through what you may be experiencing. We “get it”, we’ve been there and seen it, and we know what the best solutions are.


Our vision is the continued creation, development and innovative improvements for services and support to help residents feel safe and comfortable in their homes without the constant fear of scorpion sightings and stings.


  • Scorpion populations are increasing in neighborhoods and continue to do so.
  • There is no nest or colony to eradicate on your property like many insects and this is just one reason insecticides “seem” to fail.


  • Scorpions are often safe from predators and scorpion populations are not overly affected by today’s more environmentally-friendly insecticides.
  • Where one travels, many more can and will most likely follow. They often aggregate or winter down in common areas and can do so in great numbers.
  • Scorpions live many years and can go great lengths of time without food or water.
  • Scorpion populations can survive harsh natural and man-made conditions more than other general pests.
  • Bark scorpions are highly venomous, avid climbers that do not dwell on the ground, but in vegetation and structures in and around our homes.
  • They are attracted to our properties because of moisture and desirable microclimates.
  • Eliminating the so-called “food source” doesn’t prevent or “cure” a scorpion problem.
  • Once they take hold, a Gilbert scorpion problem is very difficult to get under control.


When a scorpion gets in the home, it can be in for days, weeks or months before it is ever found.
When they become sickly from insecticides, or other factors, they can show up almost anywhere in the home. This makes residents very vulnerable to being stung in all areas of the home and quite often the bed.
Scorpions can often be mistaken for lint, a piece of string or a rubber band and can be found on the floor, wall, ceiling, furniture, in drawers, on clothing and in many more undesirable areas of the home.


When using pesticides, it is important to know that poisons can often make your scorpion problem worse, resulting in more sightings in the home. Optimal products are not always used, and if they are, not in the most effective manner. The science of scorpions, chemistry of insecticides, structural and landscape conditions, weather patterns and specific timing may not be factored in.
While we refer to and work with a number of great pest control professionals, there are far more we find that give residents unrealistic expectations, bad information or substandard strategy plans and information. Remember, pest control and sealing services vary drastically, even if they “sound” the same or “seem” similar. The more a resident is educated, the better the short and long-term outcome.


Our mission for our Clients is to offer the most comprehensive and professional Scorpion Sealing, Weatherization and Supportive Service Programs and Education. The service is designed for the resident, homeowner or anyone impacted directly or indirectly by scorpions in and around the home or office. The services and support we offer is an Arizona scorpion partnership and is geared towards those that have extreme fear, anxiety or general frustrations with scorpions. The clients we serve are those that have had prior failed services, have reached past their tolerance limit, begun to have a problem or just wish to prevent a scorpion problem.


We have committed to providing exceptional and effective services following the Better Business Bureau Code of Business Practices for Accredited Businesses.


Weatherization and Sealing:

The most comprehensive, high-end service that will take into consideration the health of the home, the aesthetics (look) of the seals and the results of what the sealing products are meant to accomplish.

Supportive Services & Education:

An analysis of home, property, and subdivision with strategy recommendations and education to keep scorpions out of vulnerable areas and begin repelling them from the home.

Service Referrals:

If needed, the referral to trusted and qualified supplementary services ranging from pest-control spraying to specialty contracting.


The sale of or referral to effective and safe supplementary products that will help deter, repel, trap, or further eliminate and/or reduce scorpion populations in and around the property.

Warranty and Results:

The warranty, maintenance service and education to keep the seals fresh, intact and in good condition whether worn or broken by wear-and-tear, natural elements, damage from remodeling or home service repair and maintenance work (i.e. electrical, plumbing, HVAC). Education and guidance to ensure we are helping you keep scorpions out and continued support and strategy tweaks if problem re-occurs or persist.


Fair, reasonable and consistent fees allow us to provide high-end service and support programs, along with providing clear costs and no hidden charges.


The employment of highly skilled, trained, trusted, conscientious and empathetic staff members to carry out the high-end and effective services we offer. Proved the highest respect to our staff in our treatment and benefits we offer to motivate, reward and show appreciation for the high expectations and quality of work our Clients and the Company expect.


Hire vendors with integrity that provide high-end products and services to support the success of our Company, which helps us service our Clients better. Ensure we promptly meet our financial obligations for the appreciation of the products and services they provide.


Build Trust — Advertise Honestly — Tell the Truth — Be Transparent — Honor Promises — Be Responsive — Safeguard Privacy — Embody Integrity

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