Don't Know Where to Start?
Start where you least want to find a scorpion,
not where you “think” the problem is.
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Focus more on the neighborhood population flow
and less on “just” killing individuals.
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Georgia was once too, but it doesn’t have to
be that way – there are effective solutions.
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Don’t start where you “think” the problem is…

…start where you least want to find a scorpion.

5 Strategies for Effective Scorpion Control

1st. Home Sealing – Inside & Outside5 strategies for Arizona scorpion sealing with Seal Out Scorpions
2nd. Landscape – Awareness & Guidance
3rd. Black Light Searches – Education & Guidance
4th. Repellents – Education & Guidance
5th. Insecticides – Education & Guidance

For more information see our Knowledge Base Article
“5 Strategies for Effective Scorpion Control”

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More about Home Sealing

this is the first step for true scorpion control
  • Interior seals, from ceiling to floor, provide the most significant protection
  • Exterior seals allow pest control strategies to be more effective
  • Door weather stripping included along with other strategies to protect
  • Nothing done to negatively affect health of home or components
  • Nothing done to negatively affect aesthetics, gives a “finished” look
  • Eliminate all entry possibilities and identify vulnerabilities
  • High quality products focusing on short term and long term results
  • Weatherization as added bonus for lower utility bills
  • Walk through for piece of mind and to be mindful of seals during remodeling
  • Ongoing support, maintenance and education

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Sealing

Is Sealing really effective?
– Our service is highly effective as it’s the most comprehensive available. Additionally,
we work with you on supportive strategies and to partner in keeping scorpions out!

Can my home still breathe?
– Yes, we do nothing to negatively affect the health of the home or its components.

Will the seals look messy?
-No, the seals are high end, professionally installed and virtually invisible.

When is the best time to seal a home?
– Interior can be done anytime of the year for immediate results and because there is heat
and humidity controls inside.

– Exterior can be done anytime between October to May. When it’s hot and humid, the
stucco and wood frame are swollen making it a poor time to seal as the products don’t
work as well and the swollen home doesn’t allow for an optimal seal.

Do we move furniture?
– Yes, we will help move furnishings.

Do I have to do a lot to prepare?
– No, it’s very easy for most of our clients to prepare for our service

When to Get Arizona Scorpion Control

Arizona is a beautiful state to live in, but scorpions can turn this paradise into a nightmare. There are several different varieties of scorpions in the Valley, including the deadly Arizona bark scorpion. Although not all scorpions are lethal, they can be a hazard to you and your family. Most scorpions in Arizona don’t deliver a fatal dose of venom, but their stings are incredibly painful and can cause numbness and swelling. But they can cause severe reactions like difficulty breathing and convulsions for those who have weakened immune systems, or if they are allergic to the scorpion’s sting.

Free Arizona home scorpion sealing quote

You may think you can avoid scorpions relatively easily, but they can easily wind up inside your home when driven to do so. They can become sick and disoriented from cheap insecticides applied to the outside of your home, and can wander inside through cracks and crevices that you may not even be aware of. Scorpions search for cool, dark places to hide, such as attics and crawl spaces. You may not know your home is infested until you put your shoes on in the morning or tuck yourself in at night and get a nasty sting.

AZ Scorpion Home Sealing Quote

To combat these invasive pests, having your home sealed is the best course of action. Exterior sealing is effective for plugging up all the gaps and cracks through which scorpions can enter. These spaces include space under your door, around windows, or even fissures in your foundation. Scorpions are crafty and they can make themselves flat to fit through even the smallest of openings. The AZ scorpion exterminators at Seal Out Scorpions can examine your home with a scrupulous eye to find any unwanted entry points.

When to hire an Arizona scorpion control company

Scorpions are not general pests. They do not share the same characteristics as crickets, roaches, or ants. Some pests have nests or colonies which can be exterminated, but scorpions give live birth and are not communal creatures. This makes it incredibly difficult to get rid of them. There is no nest or colony to exterminate. The real problem lies in the path or flow of the neighborhood. This can be problematic for certain parts of the Valley that are surrounded by vast amounts of desert.


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    Free estimate from AZ scorpion exterminators

    Free Estimate from AZ Scorpion Exterminators

    For the most thorough and effective scorpion control in Arizona, contact Seal Out Scorpions. Our top rated Arizona scorpion exterminators are equipped to provide the highest standard of scorpion prevention to guard your home from these unwanted creatures. Call today for a free estimate.

    Top rated Arizona scorpion control

    Top Rated Arizona Scorpion Control

    When searching for a scorpion company, you want the highest assurance that future infestations won’t occur. At Seal Out Scorpions, we take pride in our ability to safeguard your home from these unsightly pests with top rated AZ scorpion control services, scorpion home sealing, and scorpion removal.

    Scorpion control services near me

    Scorpion Control Near Me

    At Seal Out Scorpions, we understand how horrifying a scorpion infestation can be. Scorpions don’t belong in your home or property. Our qualified Arizona scorpion removal technicians work hard to keep these pests where they belong, offering comprehensive local scorpion removal and scorpion sealing.

    Scorpion removal services in Arizona

    Scorpion Removal Services in Arizona

    Scorpions are vastly different than other pests that you may have come across, but with the right scorpion removal services in AZ, you don’t have to worry about a scorpion infestation. Contact the Arizona scorpion removal and prevention experts at Seal Out Scorpions to make your home safe again.

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