Don't Know Where to Start?
Start where you least want to find a scorpion,
not where you “think” the problem is.
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Focus more on the neighborhood population flow
and less on “just” killing individuals.
Afraid to Live in Your Home?
Georgia was once too, but it doesn’t have to
be that way – there are effective solutions.

Scared to Live in Your Home?

Contact our professional scorpion control contractors to give you peace of mind in ArizonaWe don’t tolerate scorpions in our homes, and neither should you. While effective scorpion control can be difficult, there are solutions if a comprehensive approach is taken.

Some people are very tolerant of scorpions, but many find it anywhere from concerning to terrifying to find them in the house and living with a constant fear of being stung. This is especially true of the Arizona Bark Scorpion, a Centruroide species from the Buthidae family. Most scorpions around the world with venom that is potentially deadly to humans comes from the Buthaidae, and the Arizona Bark Scorpion that plagues homes is one of them.

Scorpions have an evolutionary history of 430 million years and are fierce, predatory arthropods. The bark scorpion species are resilient creatures that are very avid climbers and capable of flattening themselves to squeeze through the smallest and most unlikely of openings inside the home. In Spring, Summer and Fall they are most commonly found in the night hours, early mornings, after storms or after spraying insecticides. When found in the home, they are typically sickly, distressed and at higher risk of stinging us; unlike a healthy scorpion that will keep itself well protected from contact or sight.

Scorpions can be found anywhere inside the home, upstairs or downstairs and in any household items including furniture, beds, cribs, shoes and clothing. They can fall from the fresh air fans, duct work or other ceiling components. It is very common to find them around water sources such as animal dishes, dishwashers, washing machine or trapped in a tub, shower or sink. They do not come from the drains or sewers but crawl or get carried to these areas.

The Banner Poison and Drug Information Center conducted a study of sting victims and found the following:

  • 60% stung on hand or bare foot
  • 33% stung in bed
  • 24% stung in living room
  • 6% stung in bathroom

Scorpion populations in the Southwest are increasing every year for a number of reasons, and the increase is expected to continue. As scorpion populations in Scottsdale increase, so do the sting incidents and reports to Poison Control. If stung, your local Poison Center can be reached at 1-800-222-1222.

Mild Symptoms:

  • Mild to Intense Pain
  • Numbness and Tingling
  • Slight Swelling

Severe Symptoms:

  • Muscle Twitching or Thrashing
  • Unusual Head, Neck and Eye Movement
  • Drooling, Sweating, and/or Vomiting
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Accelerated Heart Rate
  • Restlessness or Excitability or Inconsolable Crying (in babies and children)
  • Respiratory Problems with Possible Respiratory Arrest

If stung, most people do not require the anti-venom and will be fine once the symptoms subside. However, for severe cases, the scorpion anti-venom AnaScorp is available. It’s wise to know the hospitals in which this treatment is available prior to a sting incident. Because of the expensive cost of AnaScorp, it may not be available at all Emergency Rooms.

For specific information how to get and keep scorpions out of your home, please contact us for a quote, suggestions or just to be pointed in the right direction whether using our services or not.

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