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Bark Scorpion Control in the Winter

Like many people, I used to think winter was the time I didn’t have to worry about scorpions. It was the “safe” time to feel comfortable in the home and in the yard that I was normally so afraid to be in. While it is often true that this is a safer time from scorpions, it is really a false sense of security to think they are not around or that a scorpion couldn’t show up unexpectedly. So yes, they can be active in the winter months.

Scorpion Nest Hole

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Scorpion control can be complex. However, whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, the very basic principles are:

  • Seal, Exclude and Weatherize
  • Clean, Prepare Yard and Landscaping
  • Have Prescriptive Pest Yard Treatments

Scorpions and Winter

Here are samplings of new folks calling me and three of our newest projects we are working on to keep families safe from scorpions in their homes.

  • Customer for a North Scottsdale Desert Home, surrounded by natural dessert terrain: Had 2 scorpions inside, both in bedrooms with one on the ceiling.
  • Customer for a ChandlerGilbert area Home, in the middle of a neighborhood: Had 2 on the living room ceiling and one in the dining room.
  • Customer for Scorpion Infested Tempe Home, next to Corona del Sol High School: Our 4 black light searches done over a 10-day period, towards the end of January, resulted in 184 live sightings outside and 3 inside. The picture below shows two scorpions we found behind a light fixture.

Should Scorpion Control Be Done in the Winter

In the early 2000’s, Arizona winter weather patterns were colder and lasted longer. During this time, it was less common to see scorpions. However, with our winters warming in the valley and lasting for shorter periods of time, scorpion sightings during the colder months are much more common.

Also, like many people, I used to think pest control was not needed or a waste of money during the winter. Bugs and scorpions just didn’t seem to be a problem at that time. Little did I know that winter is the best time to start building a properties immune system. What is done for scorpion control in the winter can have big payoffs in the warm and hot seasons. On the flip side, what is not done will result in a tougher time to get them under control when they become most active.

Seal Out Scorpions Black Light Search

Seal Out Scorpions Black Light Search 01/29/19

Scorpion control during the Arizona winter months of December through January, is an essential time to evaluate and consider the seasons strategies. It is the time to build the property’s immune system from these highly venomous arachnids that are traveling throughout the neighborhood. It’s the time to employ very specific strategies for prevention and to get ahead of the upcoming seasonal threats.

What Happens to Bark Scorpions during Winter

It’s often believed that scorpions go away, die out or hibernate during the winter. None of these are true. This is why scorpion control is important in the winter. Seal Out Scorpions or highly skilled scorpion technicians can help with various strategies and preparations for the upcoming scorpion season.

Bark scorpions don’t go away, rather they “winter down” and find shelter in cracks and crevices around the property and in the walls of homes to ride out the cold days and nights. A scorpion’s body temperature is close to the temperature of the environment since they cannot generate heat being a cold-blooded creature. Therefore, the walls of a home’s structure can be a very desirable “wintering down” spot.

Scorpions also do not die out during the winter or just live a season like many insects. Depending on a number of variables in environmental conditions, scorpions can live 3 to 6 years or longer. While the bark scorpion species is a smaller species of scorpions, they can grow up to approximately 3 inches. The larger the scorpions that are seen around the property, the healthier and older the scorpion and the scorpion population is.

Scorpions also do not hibernate, however, they go into a hibernation type state. This state is known as diapause. This is a state of suspended development or dormancy that many insects and other invertebrate go through when there are negative environmental conditions. These conditions include severe dry heat, drought, lack of food and of course cold and freezing temperatures. A great article explaining diapause, by the University of Delaware can be found at

It is not uncommon for scorpions to be seen in the home during the winter months. While the scorpions are not as active during this season, they are still around, can travel on warmer winter days and nights and can be sporadically found inside a home or out in the yard.

What to Do for Winter Scorpion Control

During the winter is the time to build a property’s immune system. Part of this strategy is to ensure the home is sealed and weatherized to help it perform better from keeping the creatures out as well as in good condition to minimize air drafts and leakage. This is also the time to evaluate the landscaping and cleanliness of the yard and surrounding home areas and ensure irrigation systems are in good, working order. The winter is also an important time to have good pest control treatment strategies with advanced and responsible pest control treatments.

Homeowners that fail to build a property’s immune system during the winter months, can have a more difficult time controlling the Arizona Bark Scorpions when they become more active during the spring, summer and fall months.

Scorpion control is about getting and keeping them out of your home, away from your property and traveling elsewhere in the neighborhood. For more information on how to control the bark scorpion and other scorpion species, call Seal Out Scorpions for a property evaluation and free phone consultation. I don’t tolerate scorpions in my home, no matter the season and neither should you.

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