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Scorpion Control Services In Chandler

Scorpion Experts Servicing Chandler Arizona

The city of Chandler has experienced skyrocketing growth over the last few decades, and has been called one of the swiftest growing towns in the country. Regrettably, the scorpion population has also been growing at an overwhelming rate. Scorpions are an intimidating enemy that reproduce in large litters, have a lifespan of up to eight years, and can survive long periods without food or water. That’s why we, at Seal out Scorpions, have made scorpion control our business.

scorpion experts servicing chandler az

Check out how many scorpion sightings there have been in Chandler, AZ, homesThe scorpion experts at Seal out Scorpions have found that most common methods of scorpion control used in Chandler are ineffective and often exacerbate the problem. Spraying for scorpions is more likely to chase them into your home, and a focus on sealing exterior cracks may trap scorpions inside. Instead, our scorpion experts have learned to focus on custom home scorpion prevention.

Chandler scorpion prevention involves sealing the interior entry points where scorpions are finding their way into your home. Since scorpions can flatten themselves and squeeze through the tiniest of cracks you may be unaware of how they are getting into your home. The first step in protection from scorpions is sealing every possible interior opening they can get through. Exterior sealing is also recommended to significantly reduce points of entry and help further protect doors, garage and help in flushing scorpions away from the home. Scorpion sealing can be accomplished without negative effects to your home’s ventilation or appearance.

There are many species of scorpions indigenous to Chandler. Although scorpion stings are generally painful, they are usually not serious, with the exceptions of a few species such as the Arizona Bark Scorpion. A sting from an Arizona Bark Scorpion can require emergency treatment.

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Statistically, 60% of scorpion stings occur on the foot and over 30% occur in bed. The reasoning behind this is that scorpions are nocturnal hunters and seek out dark hiding places during the daylight hours. The number of scorpion stings in Chandler is likely to increase along with the increasing population of scorpions.

If you are tired of being afraid to walk through your own house at night and feel like you are losing the fight against scorpions, Seal Out Scorpions can be a formidable ally in this battle since we have found that there is no one size fits all scorpion control, sometimes it requires a many tiered approach. As Chandler home scorpion experts we can devise a comprehensive scorpion control plan to fit your needs. If your home is in need of top-quality scorpion sealing services, our team can provide you with full-service sealing services, and scorpion financing options are now available.

Is your home being invaded by scorpions? Our team of Chandler scorpion home sealers can help!


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