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Does Your Paradise Valley Neighborhood Have a Scorpion Problem?

If you live in Paradise Valley, chances are you have seen a scorpion in or around your home or in your community. Neighborhoods throughout the area are reporting high numbers of scorpion sightings.

Does your Paradise Valley neighborhood have a scorpion problem?

If your neighborhood is infested with scorpions, you may already have a sense of it from anecdotal reports. But if you aren’t sure, you can check out our scorpion heat map to learn what PV neighborhoods are most affected. Neighborhoods in the 85255, 85048, and 85248 zip codes are experiencing extreme infestations of bark scorpions right now. Scorpion sightings are considered “very high” in neighborhoods in the 85085 and 85234 zip codes. Paradise Valley’s scorpion population is increasing and if weather patterns stay consistent, may one day have the same level of reports.

Dangers of Scorpions

Not all scorpions are venomous, but their stings can be very painful. However, the bark scorpion is one of the most venomous scorpions in the United States, and it is proliferating throughout the Paradise Valley community. Symptoms of a bark scorpion sting can include:

• Numbness or tingling around the sting site
• Swelling in the area
• Muscle twitching
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Sweating
• Drooling
• Head and neck spasms
• High blood pressure
• Increased heart rate
• Difficulty breathing

These symptoms are pronounced in children and pets due to their smaller size. The venom is more concentrated in their bodies and has a greater impact. If young children are stung by a scorpion, it is important that they receive immediate medical assistance. This is also true for older children, adults or pets that are having severe reactions.

Even scorpions that are not venomous can deliver painful stings, and for most homeowners, the presence of scorpions around the home can incite fear and worry and the inability to feel comfortable in one’s own home. Fortunately, there are effective methods to keep scorpions out of your home.

What to Do When You Find Scorpion in Your Paradise Valley Home

What to do when you find scorpion in your Paradise Valley home

Scorpions are a big problem in Paradise Valley right now, and it is important that you remain on the lookout for these nasty pests around your home. Scorpions like to hide in dark spaces, such as in wood or brush piles, in cracks in your brick or concrete, and under stones. They will go wherever it is dark and has desirable living conditions.

Scorpions usually only come out at night, which makes it hard to spot them. You can take a UV light to do a scorpion hunt outside to find these creatures and determine the scope of the problem. The optimal time to do a scorpion hunt is when the temperatures are hot, humid, conditions are calm and during the new or dark moon phase. It’s important to understand the scorpion threat on and around your property. It’s far better than finding out the hard way with a nasty sting!

If you do find scorpions in your home, you should take immediate measures to modify the conditions that bring them to your property. That means becoming educated on why they are attracted to your home and taking corrective action to manage or cure depending on your goals. Better yet, it’s best to prevent them from getting into your home all together. Bark scorpions are like a disease or infection to your property, but there are ways to bring the home and yard back to health.

If you want to keep scorpions out of your home, call a professional scorpion home sealing company in Paradise Valley to address the problem head on. However, do your research, because not all professionals are the same and there are many companies posing as professional when in reality they are not.

Scorpion Home Sealing Company vs. Pest Control Company

Do not confuse a general pest control company with a scorpion home sealing company, whose services are necessary for effective scorpion prevention and removal. While some pest control companies offer home sealing, they know more about chemicals and insects than they do building codes and structural home sealing.

Paradise Valley Scorpion Sealing Services | Seal Out Scorpions

A pest control company will use insecticides to attempt to eradicate the problem. However, the problem with this method of scorpion pest control is that it really only treats the symptoms, not the disease, if you will. After spraying, you may notice fewer scorpions around your home, but they will have only been pushed further into the hiding spots in your home. In many cases, the insecticides use actually can make your problem worse.

Pesticides cannot reach all spots that scorpions can hide or breed in your home. The only way to keep scorpions out of your home for good is to invest in scorpion home sealing. A professional sealing strategy closes every nook and cranny through which scorpions can enter your home. Inner and outer home scorpion sealing can be performed so that you have a complete barrier or strategy for vulnerable areas, against these unwanted intruders. This can and should be done without affecting the health or functioning of the home or any of its components.

Seal Out Scorpions Provides the Solutions to Keep Your Paradise Valley Home Safe

Seal Out Scorpions provides premium scorpion pest control education and services to ensure that you get rid of scorpions once and for all, if that is your goal. Our comprehensive approach helps eradicates the scorpions that are already in your home and helps prevents new scorpions from taking up residence if used with the strategies we guide you on.

Our scorpion home sealing services professionally seal and weatherize voids and cracks on the inside or outside of your home. We’ll check for openings in your foundation, your walls, and around your doors, windows, and other openings, such as vents along with the hundreds of unprotected openings inside. Home sealing is truly the most effective way to keep scorpions out of your home.

The expert Paridice Valley scorpion control specialists at Seal Out Scorpions will also evaluate your home and give you information about adjustments and strategies you can employ to prevent future scorpion problems.

Our comprehensive approach and our top-rated Arizona scorpion control solutions can help get rid of your scorpion problem once and for all. Don’t leave your family or your pets at risk. Call Seal Out Scorpions in Paradise Valley today to learn more about our services or to consult with a true professional.

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