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Scottsdale Scorpion Control

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Scorpion Experts Helping Scottsdale Residents Understand the Scorpion Problem and Solutions

Living in the desirable city of Scottsdale means chances are high that you live — or will at some point live — with scorpions in or around your home. This is especially true for desert homes that border dry washes, natural desert terrain, golf courses and other green belts.

Seal Out Scorpions‘s specialized team works diligently with home-owners, property managers and/or house-staff to tailor and perfect the scorpion control methods for each individual property.

Like all Scottsdale homes affected by bark scorpion populations, the creatures are primarily found living in block-fence walls and the frame-work of our homes. As individual scorpions get sickly or distressed, they randomly appear in all areas of our homes. They can be found on floors, walls and ceilings; in furniture, shoes and many random places. One of the most common places to find them —and be stung— are in the bed, according to a study by Banner Poison Control.

Don’t make the mistake of relating a scorpion with the same characteristics of general pests, such as crickets and roaches. Many insects have nests or colonies which can be exterminated. Scorpions however, give live birth and are not communal. Therefore, there is not a nest or colony – no source to go after. The true problem is the neighborhood path or flow. This is especially problematic for Scottsdale communities that are surrounded by the natural desert – an ongoing source of population.

Commercial and residential properties battling pesky Arizona scorpion populations benefit from a systematic and multifaceted Scottsdale scorpion control plan that consists of the following home sealing components:

  • SEALING – properties from the inside out with the focus of interior seals protecting the home.
  • LANDSCAPE – maintenance and awareness
  • BLACK LIGHT SEARCHES – outside during specific seasons and moon phases
  • REPELLENTS – non-poisonous organic sprays that repel from treated areas
  • INSECTICIDES – with very specific products, methods and timing

Scottsdale Scorpion Control – Focusing on killing individual scorpions is a never ending battle. Focusing on the home sealing services path is the truly effective and proven method to get and keep scorpions out of your Scottsdale home.

Scottsdale Scorpion Control | Seal Out Scorpions

When scorpions get in your home or when we are stung by them, they are often sickly, distressed and on their way to death. We are often flushing or pushing them into our homes with insecticides. This is why it is important to not start where the problem is, but where one least wants to find a scorpion. Ask yourself: “If I block a scorpion from here, where will it go? If I repel a scorpion from this area, then what area will I start to find them next?” With scorpions, it’s all about the paths they will follow. Contact us today to request a quote or for Scottsdale financing options available for our scorpion sealing services for Arizona homes.

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