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Seal Out Scorpions
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 19 reviews
 by Shane Bouchard
It will be the best decision you ever make!!

I really felt compelled to leave this review now that it has been 2 years and 2 months since our "seal out scorpions" service. My wife and I moved into our dream home exactly 26 months ago. Couldn't have been happier. That was until I saw a scorpion in the house, then another, and another, and another. I had a friend tip me on to using a black light outside, so like anyone would be curiosity got the best of me and I bought a black light. I went outside that night and our "dream home" quickly turned into a nightmare. Dozens, and I mean dozens of scorpions crawling around in our yard. In fact the layered brick planter wall on one side of my house had a scorpion in every space between the bricks.

I remember freaking out thinking "oh my god we are harboring a scorpion hotel" I was so freaked out we spent the next week leaving our new house as soon as it was dusk (when those creatures come out) and sleeping at our old house. I wanted nothing more then to sell and forget we ever bought this house.

It was then I began scouring the internet for an answer. Every pest control company I came across had mixed reviews. I was literally sick to my stomach. It was then I came across SEAL OUT SCORPIONS. I didn't just call I actually drove there 45 minutes away the next morning in a complete panic (I am sure Georgia may still remember the look of horror on my face when I walked in). She dropped everything she was doing and spent over an horror calming me down and coming up with a game plan with me to seal out our house. Unlike everyone else I spoke to I could tell she knew what she was talking about. I learned more from her in an hour then weeks of looking on the internet bar none.

FAST FORWARD to the service.......A team and I do mean a team of guys came to our home with nothing else on their mind except getting rid of our problem. I remember my wife calling me a few times and saying "wow hun they are literally sealing everything" and they did just that. As I mentioned earlier in this review it has been 26 months now and we went from seeing several scorpions a night in our home and dozens outside to absolutely NOTHING inside the house after they sealed us. It has truly been a miracle. Oh my if you could see how many we had prior to them sealing us out you would have been blown away. And I (like I am sure some of you may be thinking) "should I spend this much money to get this done" I am about as cheap as a middle aged man can be, I hate spending money, and all I can say is FINISH READING THIS REVIEW AND CALL GEORGIA!! Looking back I would have paid triple for this service no questions asked.

I must point out that I am NOT the kind of person who recommends and/or endorses many companies because finding a good company these days seems next to impossible. However this is a company I will not only recommend, but personally guarantee results with. If you have a problem with scorpions, or if you just don't want to see these nasty creatures in your house don't look anywhere else. I have absolutely no ties to this company, and I am not related to them in anyway at all. Just a family man who was able to keep our dream home because of their services. In fact I am writing this review because my wife called Georgia today to ask her a couple questions and Georgia stayed on the phone with my wife for 45 minutes to educate her on a few things. That is 45 minutes of her time 2 years after we spent money with them. That is amazing customer service and that is just how much they truly care about their customers. I just cannot say enough.

 by Carl K
Highly Recommended!

Seal Out Scorpions is the only company in AZ that can help you to mitigate a scorpion problem. After being stung several times and having between 5-7 scorpions per week in our Fulton Ranch home, we decided to look at our options for home sealing and I can honestly tell you that no other company provides a comprehensive and complete solution like Seal Out Scorpions! William and Mike have now sealed two of our homes and instead of 5-7 scorpions per week, we now see an average of 3-4 scorpions per year. Much thanks to Georgia, William and Mike for keeping my family safe - especially, my young daughters that William and Mike always ask about and look forward to seeing during annual maintenance services. Thanks, Carl K

 by J Becker

This company is amazing!! I am so thankful I found them!! We moved into a new home about 3 months ago and in the first few days we realized we had a scorpion problem!! I was so freaked out (I had never dealt with scorpions before) and hated our new home. I cried every time we saw one in the house, I hated going to bed at night, and I was afraid to walk into any dark area of the house. It was a nightmare and I felt so helpless. After searching online I found this company. I read their story about their scorpion problem and felt a connection.....I knew they knew exactly what I was going through! After reading their reviews I contacted them. Everyone I have dealt with is so kind and caring!! We had them seal the inside of our house (they are coming back to seal the outside as well) and it was the best decision we could have made. In the first 8 weeks we lived here we found 14 scorpions in the house (and many many more outside!!) it has been almost 4 weeks since they sealed the house and we have not seen any inside!!! I am so thankful for what they have done for us......we are starting to feel comfortable in our new home and are able to enjoy it. We would highly recommend this company!

 by Joanne B

I am so thankful that we found Seal Out Scorpions!! We discovered that we had a scorpion problem right after moving in to our new home. We were pretty freaked out by it, and it totally stole the joy out of our new home. I was afraid of being in our home. I did a lot of research and came across this company, and am so glad I did. They sealed the inside of our home 2 1/2 weeks ago and we haven't see a scorpion inside since then. That is the longest we have went since moving in without seeing any. Everyone we have dealt with at this company is so NICE, and they truly care about their customers. They are so professional and have so much knowledge to pass on to their customers. They are so thorough with the sealing and sealed areas that I would have never even considered. I am so happy that I found these guys and I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting help with their scorpion issues!!

 by Joanne Becker

We moved into a new house and quickly discovered we had a scorpion problem. We found 14 inside the house in the first 2 months we were here. I was so freaked out, I cried many tears, and all the joy of our new home was gone!! I did some research and found Seal Out Scorpions. After reading their story and talking with them I knew they were the company I wanted to use to seal my house. They are so caring, kind, knowledgeable, and professional. They have encouraged us to call anytime with any questions or concerns. They really do care about their customers!!! We have had the inside sealed and are waiting for cooler weather for the outside sealing. In the meantime we are following the recommendations they have given us. It has been 2 weeks since they sealed and we have not seen any scorpions in the house!! Thanks to them we are finally starting to feel a little bit comfortable at home.

 by L. Benson
Simply the best!

Georgia and Mike are the best! The customer service is exceptional. The amount of knowledge they have on scorpions is amazing, and they are more than willing to take the time to share their knowledge. I had my house sealed last year, and have not had any scorpions inside. They have also recommended organic pesticides that help give me peace of mind. Thank you!!

 by Michelle Robinson

The treatment has been fabulous!!! Not one single creature in my house in almost a month! We had one dead, crispy critter in the garage that was probably stuck to a paint bucket. My handyman disposed of it. 🙂 I think the timing was great. The house was sealed on Tuesday, we left for Colorado on Friday and didn't get home until Wednesday. So I had almost a week of being completely safe, not panicking while walking on the floors there...and when we got home, I was a little cautious for a day or so, but felt tons better. No longer tense every minute of the day wondering where the next one would be. I even mopped my kitchen AND moved the trash containers by myself! It really is amazing! No slippers either! My kids can run around and play again too! 🙂

 by Mike and Debbie Hatton

Hi Georgia,

I just wanted to express to you that Mike and I are very happy we had our home sealed today.

Mike and his crew were working very hard to get our house sealed today. Mike is very knowledgeable about Scorpions and was so helpful in educating us today.

They were all professional and it's obvious that the company is big on customer service.

Thank you for all of your information as well prior to making the appointment. Very glad we decided to have this done. Appreciate the knowledge and expertise of Seal Out Scorpions. Will give you the highest of recommendations.

 by Tony R.

I just wanted to send an extra THANK YOU for sealing the interior and exterior of my home. We've haven't seen any scorpions inside since. I've been doing my own spraying with the concoction you recommended and it's perfect! I love walking outside and seeing dead bugs laying on their backs...LOL. This was definitely money very well spent. If you need this for a testimonial, please feel free to use it.

Once again, THANK YOU and the crew for excellent service, instruction, and support.

 by Sarah L, Ahwatukee

I am very happy and best of all No scorpions!!!

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