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South Mountain Freeway/Loop 202 Will Create Negative Impact on Scorpion Control

The South Mountain Freeway promises to provide a faster connection between the East and the West Valley. The freeway will be 22 miles long, and it will be the largest road project in Arizona’s history.

It will also drive more scorpions into the Ahwatukee and South Phoenix areas.

The South Mountain Freeway is slated to run from the I-10 along Pecos Road running east and west to 51st Avenue. The project will also entail extending Chandler Boulevard from 17th Avenue to 27th Avenue.

South Mountain Freeway/Loop 202  Will Create Negative Impact on Scorpion Control

While this work may prove beneficial for commuters, it will be problematic for local homeowners battling scorpions. The project will require that significant swaths of brush be cleared, as well as many existing homes be demolished. That activity will disrupt the natural habitat of scorpions, which will put them on the run in search of new homes. The flurry of building activity for new homes and businesses after the freeway is constructed will also disrupt the local scorpion population and sent these pests in search of new areas. We expect to see significantly increased populations in the southeast and southwest Phoenix area from Ahwatukee to Laveen.

We’ve seen this already with major construction in the past during the building of the San Tan Freeway which opened in 2003. Residential neighborhoods throughout Chandler and Gilbert were overrun with scorpions. The increased populations began when ground was broken for the project, and 13 years after the opening of the freeway, Chandler and Gilbert continue to battle high scorpion populations.

Scorpion populations migrate and change paths on a grand scale during major construction and dirt work like these freeway projects. The bigger the building project, the bigger the impact. Scorpion populations are already well-established in the Ahwatukee and South Phoenix area, and this new freeway project is only going to make the problem worse.

In addition, scorpion populations have already been on the rise because of the Go Green Movement and the ban of harsher and longer-lasting insecticides that can help combat scorpions. Local scorpion populations have also been encouraged by Arizona’s warmer climate, which has been heating up even through the winter. The past two February’s have seen temperatures in the 80s and 90s.

Phoenix Valley Scorpion Activity | Seal Out Scorpions

To prevent your home to become overrun by these nasty and dangerous pests, you need to commit to Arizona scorpion control now. One of the most effective ways to prevent and minimize an infestation is scorpion home sealing. Since we can no longer rely on insecticides to get the right results, we must control bark scorpions by eliminating the entry points to your home as well as repelling them from your property.

At Seal Out Scorpions, we offer the comprehensive solutions you need to keep your home safe. We comprehensively weatherize your home from the inside and the outside to ensure that scorpions cannot get into your home through the tiny cracks around hundreds of openings. We also provide education and support to help you learn other strategies you can do to minimize or eliminate the scorpions around your property.

A scorpion problem is on the way with this new freeway project. Now is the time to take action for scorpion control and to protect your Arizona home.

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