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    Scorpion Map by Zip Codes

    Scorpion populations continue to increase in Arizona and other Southwestern states. No matter what area you live in, most homes either have, will have or are vulnerable to scorpions. There are certainly some areas that are more problematic and scorpion populated than others. There are also many areas in the Valley that are having an exponential increase in scorpion activity. We have been collecting data since 1999 and updating as the Valley grows. The Arizona scorpion map we have developed is a current representation of scorpion activity as reported to us by Clients and those inquiring about scorpion control solutions.

    There are a number of reasons why the scorpion populations are increasing in our neighborhoods and the respective zip codes. A summary includes:


    The Environmental Protection Agency’s banning of organophosphates and other harsher chemicals that don’t break down quickly in the environment. This is safer for our environment which in turn is safer for scorpions.


    The overall Go Green Movement with many using little to no insecticides or organic approaches. This is also a safer environmental and scorpion affect.


    The growth in urban development and the man-made caves we build (i.e. block walls, single and multi-housing structures). Additionally, we landscape properties with vegetation and provide more than ample water sources with man-made lakes, ponds, fountains, irrigation systems, pools and spas.


    The weather patterns with longer summers, milder winters and rains has had a significant impact on vegetation and creature life such as scorpions. If the conditions are good for increased vegetation growth, then growth in creature life is also occurring.

    As scorpion populations increase they spread out through the Valley and our Arizona neighborhoods in search for the increase in resources needed such as water, food and shelter.
    Once the scorpions are irritated and agitated, by today’s weaker insecticides and herbacides, they often can be driven into the protection of homes. This makes us more vulnerable to the threat of stings. It also can encourage the bark scorpions to climb, which already is an arboreal species and natural climbers. When this happens they can be found on ceilings and walls with the potential to drop onto furnishings or the residents.

    Scorpion heatmap shows scorpion populations by Zip codes in Phoenix Valley AZBark scorpions have become an invasive species and are having growing reports is areas such as Indio, California; Henderson, Nevada; Summerlin, Nevada and other southwestern cities in which they can thrive.

    Whether you are living in or moving to a particular zip code in Gilbert, Chander, Tempe, Peoria, Ahwatukee, Anthem or other Metro Phoenix area, it’s good to know the scorpion threat and growth in the area.

    Scorpion control is best addressed before the problem gets out of hand and becomes an infestation. It is not likely scorpion populations will be reducing anytime in the near future. Each year since 1999, we’ve witnessed a growing threat.

    It’s becoming more important to know the scorpion “hot spots” as well as the areas where scorpion threats are increasing. Call Seal Out Scorpions today if you would like advice on how to reduce scorpions in your area or keep scorpions out of your home.

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