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Scorpion Services for Custom Homes

Seal Out Scorpions specializes in working on high-end Custom Homes to help residents get and keep scorpions out. Custom homes can have unique challenges and often require strong skills to achieve and maintain scorpion-proofing while ensuring the aesthetics of the seals are not sacrificed.

Scorpions are not an insect that can just be exterminated and easily controlled on the property. They must be treated somewhere between the spectrum of insect control and rodent control. Exterminating sprays do not rid a property or home of rodents and they don’t work that easily on scorpions either.

High Quality Interior and Exterior Seals
Along with Specialized Supportive Services

While insecticides will kill some individual scorpions, it does not prevent them from getting into the walls and then into the home. Custom homes, which are commonly larger and may have far lusher landscaping, require specialized care.

Custom home scorpion sealing starts with protecting the inside first. Initially, it doesn’t matter where scorpions may have been seen — ceiling to floor and everything in between should be protected. The goal is to eliminate all possible interior entry points, identify remaining vulnerable areas and develop secondary scorpion control strategies.

Because custom homes are typically larger in nature and have unique or custom design, it’s important to not only get the obvious, but the not so obvious entry points. If a scorpion is found in the middle of a room, it’s important to determine how it got in — from a door or from behind the electrical outlet in a cabinet? This is important to ensure the focus on secondary strategies around the door are not in vain.

Additionally, custom homes can have very unique finishes that require skilled craftsmanship to keep a quality and high-end seals that are invisible, achieving a “professionally blended” look.

Custom Arizona home sealing techniques for scorpions
Seal your custom Phoenix AZ home to prevent scorpion invasion
Home sealing and weatherization prevent scorpion entry points in Arizona custom homes
Exterior custom home sealing services with Seal Out Scorpions in Tempe, AZ

Maintaining Home Functionality & Health

Frame wood and block homes have exhaust systems designed to expel harmful gases. Additionally, there are weep systems to prevent moisture damage. These systems should never be sealed or blocked or have their functioning negatively affected. The health of the homes should be of highest priority. Our craftsmen specialize in comprehensive sealing while not negatively affecting the health or look of the home.

Repellent Strategies

Custom homes often have custom doors that make Arizona custom home scorpion control more difficult. Repellents such as Scorpion Shield (for windows, doors and garages) and Scorpion Defense (for patios, garages and lawns) can provide great benefit in control efforts. These natural repellents help repel scorpions and if used properly, can provide benefit in scorpion control.

Scorpion Populations On The Rise

Scorpion populations have been significantly increasing since the 2006 EPA banning of specific insecticides that were harsher on the environment. Additionally, warmer weather patterns have added to the numbers of scorpions thriving around our homes. Because exterminating no longer works, comprehensive scorpion home-sealing, along with other methodical strategies, are required to achieve lasting results.

The service of Seal Out Scorpions was created from what was once a phobia of scorpions turned to obsession to keep them out of the house by Georgia Clubb. Since 1999, William Clubb and Mike Golleher lead a very specialized team of craftsmen to not only provide exceptional Scorpion Home Sealing, but to work diligently with residents to keep scorpions out of the home. The service is based on the science of scorpions, home structures, landscaping, weather pattern, moon phases and much more along with how it all relates to each other. If your goal is no scorpions in the home, our team will work diligently to help you accomplish this goal and seal your home within a budget.