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New Build Homes

Seal Out Scorpions provides the needed prior and post sealing service for scorpions that standard builders simply do not provide. While new building methods provide for better weatherization, spray foam insulation in walls and pest control systems, they do not provide the needed protection for scorpion control.

Does a new build home need comprehensive home sealing? If there are scorpions in the area — then absolutely!

Homes are not scorpion protected by the new building methods and scorpions cannot be eradicated from a property by exterminating like they could in earlier years when more harsh chemicals were available.

For Optimal Control of a current –or potential future– scorpion issue, homes are at an advantage if sealed during or immediately after building and before moving in.

Seal Out Scorpions: Home Sealing for Newly Constructed Homes

Protection from Scorpions in the Frame and in the Finishes

Custom builders often allow scorpion home sealing to begin during the building process. Few tract home builders will allow this and often the owner must wait for the home to be completed and the close to be finalized prior to beginning service.

Seal Out Scorpions is able to provide double the protection when given the window of opportunity to seal during the new build process. The service is still very effective, even if we must wait until the home is completed; and there are still a number of strategies available even if we can’t immediately work on the project. Additionally, all homes benefit when sealed and protected prior to the resident moving in.

Due to the nature of a new build home, there are typically more visits required compared to an existing built home. Additionally, we work very respectfully with builders and contractors to ensure we do not get in their way.

New Construction Home scorpion entry point inspection in AZ
Before scorpion sealing preparation for new build home in Phoenix
Scorpion prevention specialists for new construction homes in Arizona
Scottsdale new home prevention techniques with Seal Out Scorpions

New Structure Health & Functionality

Frame wood and block homes have exhaust systems designed to expel harmful gases, and weep systems to prevent moisture damage. These systems should never be sealed, blocked or have their functioning negatively affected in any way. Our craftsmen specializes in comprehensive sealing that won’t negatively affect the health or look of the home.

Repelling from Home

Repellents such as Scorpion Shield (for windows, doors and garages) and Scorpion Defense (for patios, garages and lawns) can provide great benefit in control efforts. These natural repellents help repel scorpions without harmful chemicals, and if used properly, can be of great benefit in scorpion control efforts.

New Home Build Scorpion Threat

Scorpion populations have been significantly increasing since the 2006 EPA banning of specific insecticides, and warmer weather patterns have added to the numbers of scorpions thriving in the Valley. Since standard extermination techniques no longer work, comprehensive scorpion home-sealing and other methodical strategies are required to achieve lasting results.

Seal Out Scorpions works diligently with clients to get and keep scorpion out! To do so, we must ensure we help to keep the home sealed as tightly as possible. New home structures will have natural settling that will create breaks in the seals and additional maintenance may be needed for the first year or two. This is due to the natural settling of the home, along with common maintenance and/or repairs by the builder.

Our dedicated team understands not only the fear of scorpions, but the science behind the creatures, new building structures, weather patterns (and much more) along with how they all inter-relate.

If your goal is to keep scorpions out of your AZ home prior to moving in, or years later when scorpions may move into your area, Seal Out Scorpions will work diligently with you to ensure your success.