Don't Know Where to Start?
Start where you least want to find a scorpion,
not where you “think” the problem is.
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Focus more on the neighborhood population flow
and less on “just” killing individuals.
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Georgia was once too, but it doesn’t have to
be that way – there are effective solutions.
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Scorpion Services for Subdivision Homes

Seal Out Scorpions works with hundreds of residents to Get and Keep Scorpions out of their subdivision homes. If your goal is zero scorpions in the home and getting them away from your high-traffic areas, we work diligently with you to accomplish that goal.

Scorpions should be viewed on a spectrum somewhere between an insect and a rodent. Traditional extermination practices will not work for scorpion control like it does for crickets and roaches. You wouldn’t expect to spray and have rodents go away, and it doesn’t work very well for scorpions either (even though spraying can be an important component of a full scorpion control program. Sprays will kill some individual scorpions but not the paths. Additionally, the sprays tend to flush sickly scorpions inside the home and these are the ones we often get stung by.

Seal Out Scorpions: Scorpion Home Sealing for Subdivision Homes

Comprehensive Interior & Exterior Sealing
Along with Supportive Strategies

Scorpions consist of a neighborhood population that form paths and where one is seen, more will eventually follow. This is made quite evident by common trends, such as one neighbor having severe issues with scorpions while another rarely sees them. Or, one side of the street or Arizona subdivision seems to have scorpions and the other side does not. The goal for an individual property should be to change the paths and re-direct elsewhere.

The first step is to get and keep them out of the house. Therefore, a resident shouldn’t start where they “think” the problem is, but where they least want to find a scorpion. Better a Scorpion come in through a front door than behind a ceiling fan over a bed!

Seal your subdivision home in Arizona to prevent scorpions
Experienced scorpion home specialist inspecting subdivision home in Arizona
Exterior home sealing prevents scorpions entry points in Arizona
Home inspection with trained scorpion sealers at Seal Out Scorpions in Tempe, AZ

Maintaining Home Functionality & Health

Maintaining the functionality and health of the home is essential. There are exhaust and weep components for gases and moisture to be expelled. These components should never be compromised or altered. Additionally, the look and aesthetics of the seals are important and should be invisible and giving the home a more “finished” look.

Repellent Strategies

Properties in a subdivision neighborhood benefit from natural, non-poisonous repellents to repel scorpions away from the doors, windows, garages and the property as a whole. Products such as Scorpion Shield and Scorpion Defense have different purposes than insecticides and should be used in a much different manner. These non-poisonous products are best applied by the resident and not a professional pest control technician.

Scorpion Populations Increasing

For years the scorpion population has been growing throughout Phoenix area neighborhoods, in large part due to the banning of harsher insecticides by the EPA, the Go Green Movement and warmer weather patterns. No longer will “just spraying” remedy a subdivision scorpion issue in Arizona. A methodical and comprehensive approach is required, or they can easily become a never-ending battle.

For optimal control, everything from ceiling to floor (and everything in between) should be sealed and protected. It is essential to eliminate points of entry, identify vulnerable points, and develop secondary supportive strategies. While it’s important to keep them out of the house, it’s also important to get them away from the home, especially garages and windows that may be opened, as well as all doors.

The team at Seal Out Scorpions works diligently to help residents feel comfortable in the home and ease the constant fear of scorpions being inside. The service we provide is the highest level and highest quality of Scorpion Home Sealing and Support in the Valley. If your goal is NO scorpions in the home, Seal Out Scorpions will work diligently with you to accomplish that goal.