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Scorpion Prevention Services for Condominiums

Townhomes & Apartments

Seal Out Scorpions partners with residents to get and keep scorpions out of their condo, townhome or apartment. If your goal is no scorpions in your unit, we will work diligently with you to ensure you feel comfortable living in your home.

The Association typically hires price competitive pest control companies. This often results in quick treatments with tank-mixed insecticides that are heavily diluted with water. These weak products are typically power-sprayed on the grounds.

Unfortunately, since Scorpions are avid climbers, this type of method tends to just agitate and flush scorpions up off the grounds, and into the walls. Buildings with multiple units can become expansive man-made caves that protect the creatures from insecticides. Though some try to control scorpions in Arizona condos by spraying inside the home, this is not a successful remedy and has the added down-side of exposing everyone (and everything) within the home to harsh chemicals.

Comprehensive Interior Sealing is Essential

These types of homes are especially in need of comprehensive interior sealing from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between. The goal is to eliminate entry points into the unit, essentially blocking them from shared and common walls. This is important if the building as a whole is not sealed. The goal is to block them from the Client’s unit forcing the scorpions to go somewhere else.

Additional benefits include a well weatherized home that can result in lower utility bills and less dust! When your home is in need of professional scorpion sealing services, contact our experts to learn about deals and financing options available for condominium properties.

Arizona condo scorpion entry point inspection
experienced home sealing contractors provide services for condominiums in Scottsdale, AZ
Have your Phoenix AZ condo inspected with Seal Out Scorpions
Hire a professional scorpion sealing team for your condo in Cave Creek, AZ.

Maintaining Home Functionality & Health

As with any type of home-sealing, we will always put high-priority on the functionality and health of the home and not damaging any of its utility and exhaust components.

Repellent Strategies

Multi-dwelling units such as condos greatly benefit from the use of Scorpion Shield to repel scorpions from doors and open windows and Scorpion Defense to repel scorpions from the garage and exterior of home.

Condos Can Develop Scorpion Issues

These types of properties often have lush landscapes, vast irrigation systems, pools or other water features that scorpions find highly attractive.