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Scorpion Control Services in San Tan Valley

By Seal Out Scorpions

San Tan Valley is a very beautiful place to live in Arizona, but can also mean that you are living amongst terrifying pests such as the Arizona Bark Scorpion. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is one of the World’s most painful sting. It’s venom is very potent and unfortunately can cause death to the very young, the very old or anyone with a compromised immune system. That is why it is very important to remove scorpions from your San Tan home or put preventative measures in place so they do not get in. Seal Out Scorpions is very effective at keeping your home and family safe from scorpions.

San Tan Valley Scorpion Control Services

In order to remove scorpions from your San Tan Valley home, it is important to understand scorpions. We have spent years researching these scary creatures in order to combat them. Here are some interesting facts about the Arizona Bark Scorpion that you may find very interesting:

  • They have 8 hairy legs that are sensitive to vibrations in the air
  • They winter down during the cold season
  • They hunt for food at night
  • They are excellent climbers and are often found on high walls, rooftops and trees
  • They eat other insects
  • They glow under a black light
  • They live for about 3-8 years
1st Step In Scorpion Control | Seal Out Scorpions

Seal Out Scorpions

Servicing: San Tan Valley, Arizona

(480) 820-7325

About Us

Just like you, we are a family living in Arizona and used to deal with scorpions. After a horrifying experience with our own scorpion problems in our Arizona homes, we decided it was time to take action. We found a solution that works to keep your home free of scorpions and keep them out! We started our business in 1999 and work diligently to rid other San Tan Valley and Arizona homes of scorpions. We understand how important it is to keep our families safe. We guarantee our scorpion sealing services will work for your home just as it does for our homes. Give us a call today!

Scorpion Sealing Services In San Tan

Our scorpion sealing services in San Tan Valley will remove and prevent scorpions from coming into your home. This is done using a multi-step process that really works! We do not use pesticides and our scorpion treatment is not harmful for your dogs, cats or other house pets. It is also safe for your family. We will come in and weatherize your home before sealing the interior of your house. Once that is complete we will seal the weather stripping around your doors and then seal your garage. We then work on a comprehensive sealing of your home’s exterior.

Once the interior and exterior areas of your home have been sealed, we will apply repellent which is non-toxic. We will do a thorough inspection both inside and out and provide a property post analysis for you. Then we will have you, the resident walk through your home with us so we can explain our sealing process to you and show you what we did to protect your home. We will recommend a maintenance service schedule and as always, we are here to provide you with support and guidance during each and every step of process to completely remove scorpions from your home.


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    Don’t let scorpions haunt your dreams of San Tan Valley home ownership. Scorpions do not need to cause you stress and worry. Call us today to solve your scorpion problems from your home. We can be reached by phone 480-820-7325 or email:

    Scorpion Company Near Me In Arizona

    San Tan Scorpion Company Near Me

    Are you tired of all the failed attempts at ridding your home of scorpions? At Seal Out Scorpions, we can ensure that these foul creatures don’t invade your home any longer. For a San Tan Scorpion Company near you, trust Seal Out Scorpions.

    Read more about our Arizona scorpion pest control services

    San Tan Scorpion Removal Services

    Eradicate the scorpions plaguing your home with scorpion removal services in San Tan from Seal Out Scorpions. Our team is fast and thorough so that you don’t have to worry about further scorpion infestations in your home.

    Learn more about our Arizona scorpion exterminator services areas

    San Tan Scorpion Control Service Areas

    For exemplary scorpion control services in the San Tan Valley areas of Skyline Ranch, Johnson Ranch, Encanterra, and more, contact the scorpion removal experts at Seal Out Scorpions to drive these pests from your home for good.

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